You May Be 1 Day Away from Success

My question to you is, how close are you to reaching that next milestone of success?

Whether it’s at home, career, finances, or in the gym, are you close to giving up on something even though you are a small step away from reaching the major tipping point?

This past Friday night, my wife and I decided to enjoy a date night and go see Hozier perform at a small amphitheater in Atlanta. I am the sort of person who does not like going to watch performances in big domes, arenas, or coliseums with 20,000 people, as I feel it takes away from the personal connection with the artist.

In smaller venues, I always feel the artist connects very well and usually if they are still playing in smaller venues, they are either newer or they have been around the block for a while.

Hozier is one of those newer artists that will probably not be playing in smaller venues forever, but was such a joy to listen to.

The crazy story about Hozier is that only 2 years ago in 2013, he was struggling to play open mic nights in Dublin. He was broke and desperate to make it in the big leagues, where he’d be able to make a living playing music. After a bad breakup that year, he went to his parents’ house, wrote a song, and then at 2:00 AM recorded the vocals.

“Take Me To Church” Live

This song you may recognize called “Take Me to Church”was nominated as “Song of the Year”at the Grammy’s and is currently nominated for “Top Streaming Song”and “Top Rock Song”for the Billboard Music Awards.

While at the concert, Hozier said “I am so excited because this is the largest venue I have ever played at”. The crowd was sold out at 7,000 and throughout the night, you could see his humbleness and how proud he was to perform for his fans. You could see that deep down, he knew his fans were the ones that got him to this point and supported him, starting from his open mic nights in Dublin.

Hozier has said he enjoys jamming and playing small local venues, but I am sure that with his new success, he will be taking over major stadiums. image1

What I find interesting about Hozier’s situation is that he could’ve easily given up when playing open mic nights and gone into a career he was not passionate about. Little did he know that the one song at 2:00 AM would be the tipping point that catapults him into success and gets him known.

I know that early on in my career, when I was a chiropractor and just started my business, there were times when I was so frustrated I was willing to do things not in the best interest of my practice, but simply because I needed extra income. For instance, personal injury is a big income builder for many chiropractors, but not something I ever wanted to be involved in because the treatment protocols go against my values. I could’ve made an insane amount of money and been able to do to what I want and when I want, but that would have meant jeopardizing my values. Fortunately, I held true to myself never giving in because little did I know that a few months later, I would find my niche in practice and our practice would grow 10 fold.

When I first started Crossfit, I remember watching all the guys in there annihilating the workouts, lifting heavy weights, and moving around like monkeys. I could barely do a pull-up without assistance and the weight I was lifting was extremely minimal. I remember 6 months into Crossfit when I thought about quitting because I felt I was not growing, as everyone else was dominating and I was still doing banded pull-ups. The day I thought about quitting, I reminded myself ‘where else in my life am I quitting early’. When that thought came to my mind, I immediately re-committed and this time I changed my diet, increased mobility work, and pushed a little harder. I went from a back squat of 240 pounds in 2011 to 350 pounds in 2013. This was one of the big gains that wouldn’t have happened if I gave up on myself and quit early.

My question to you as you evaluate your life is, which departments of your life are you about to go to the next level BUT quitting early is leaving you where you have always been?

One of my patients, Emily Bridgers, began competing in 2011 for the Crossfit Games. The top 3 from every region get invited to Carson, California to compete for the World Championships of Crossfit, which is every athletes goal. In 2011 Emily placed 9th, 2012 she placed 4th, 2013 she placed 5th, BUT in 2014 she placed 1st in the SouthEast region punching her ticket to Carson. That July she ended up finishing 6th in the World due to her commitment and discipline to NEVER give up and always fight for whats important. Little did Emily know how close she was to making it so far and by committing and not giving up she was able to see even more successes in 2015.

I see people come to my office and after a month or two stop caring simply because ‘work got busy’or some other poor excuse. The fact is they are days from making those major gains and progress in their care and by stopping early, they are losing all progress.

Look at your day to day routine and start evaluating it, as the extraordinary life you were meant to live may be waiting right around the corner.

I bet Hozier never thought that one night in 2013 would have been the time where he went from small time to a Grammy Award nominee.

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