Why You Should Become an Undercover Boss In Your Own Life

By now I hope you have watched the motivating show “Undercover Boss,” and if not, then I highly recommend catching up. The show is about the CEOs of companies and how they pose as regular employees to see the ins and outs of the company. It gives the CEO insight into how the company not just looks on the outside but more importantly how it looks and runs on the inside. The CEO is paired up with roughly 4–5 employees of the company, and throughout the show, the CEOs hear the stories of these employees and not only the challenges they see within the company but also the sacrifices these employees make in their lives to provide for their families. At the end of the show, the CEO exposes themselves to the employees and shares with them their thoughts on the employee’s performance and character and usually rewards them significantly for their contribution.

Every time I watch this show, I always think about my business and what my employees think of working for me but also how am I treating them. Am I inspiring them to grow and expand their thinking as leaders within the community, or am I putting a ceiling on their capacity to grow? Do I listen to their ideas and make them happen, or am I only implementing my own suggestions and ideas? The health of any business comes down to the employees and not only how happy they are but also the kind of energy they are putting out everyday. UndercoverBossUS_Logo_500x281

Many of the CEOs in the show realize that for so long they have focused too much on the outside of their business and the bottom line but not so much on the core and foundation of what makes that business work. I notice when I focus my energy and attention on the inside of my practice and the people, then always the outside expands, but it’s growing from the inside out. The CEOs realize that if they were to focus more on their employees and the inside, then their numbers and image would be much more positive.

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When it comes to your personal life, the same concept could be adopted, so you do not have to be a business owner to become an undercover boss in your life. Are you someone who cares about what people think about you on the outside? If so, then most likely you have never truly been authentic or ever been yourself. That’s reality!

When I was younger, I was definitely guilty of this, and I would do things that I thought were “cool” or say things I thought people wanted to hear. While doing this, I kept the truth of my philosophies and hid who I was as a person because I cared about what people thought.

I would go out with friends and have multiple drinks because I was nervous they would think I was not “cool” if I only had one. At this point in my life, I became passionate about healthy living, but what would people think if I drank water or if I only had one drink? Would they still want to hang out with me, or am I not being fun because I am not drinking a lot?

In 2008, I remember taking inventory of my life and looking at the people in it – the conversations I had, the places I hung out, the things I posted on social media, and how I treated others – and I realized how inauthentic I was being. I was so focused on my outer image that I never spent the time to get to know ME and work on myself to be a better version and live an awesome life.

Since then, I spend a lot of time focusing on myself and thinking of ways I can be a better person for this world, not so much from the outside but more on the inside. Recently, I have been following Robin Sharma, who has become a mentor to me in showing me strategies and tips to work on myself. In fact, a group of friends and I recently went out and not only did I have only 1 drink but even left a bit early because I wanted to wake up early and run for 2 hours. Did I care what anyone thought? Absolutely not! The last thing on my mind was what anyone was thinking and what anyone cares about my 1 drink or leaving a bit early.

If you’re tired of trying to fit in and being inauthentic, then it’s time to take inventory and become an undercover boss in your own life. Look at your relationships, habits, social media, and other avenues of your life that are important and see if those avenues are only done to feel “cool” or are really you. My Personal Development webinar on February 10th will help you uncover your highest values and how to match them with your life so you can be your own undercover boss. We only have room for 100 guests, so please register ASAP at: http://bit.ly/1ugXSkf

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