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Why My Daughter Harlow Sees a Chiropractor

Many people come in and out of the office, and one thing they see that surprises a large number of them is just how many babies and children are getting adjusted. 

Is a baby or child adjustment the same as an adult adjustment? No way! There is very little force, if any, but the goal is the exact same. The goal is to protect the brain and spinal cord and make sure there is no pressure, allowing the body to perform at 100%. The aim is to do this from birth so they can experience what it is like to be at their healthiest without pressure on their nervous system while growing up. IMG_5484

We have been taking our daughter Harlow to a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Savy Irby in Atlanta, since birth, and her progress has been amazing. Harlow never had any symptoms of anything wrong when she started, but our goal is to keep it that way. 

Fortunately, she has never had an ear infection, been colicky, sick for more than 24 hours, or had any digestive problems including acid reflux. We take her to get adjusted between 2 – 4 times a month depending on many factors, but instead of waiting for something to be wrong we want her to experience her truest health potential from the beginning. 

One thing that’s awesome to see when parents bring their children in early is how their health transforms, and how less sick and happier they become. I have seen kids with chronic ear infections who have been through surgery get help, babies with acid reflux feel better, and colicky babies get adjusted and instantly calm down. 

The spine is delicate when growing up, and the amount of falls Harlow will have while learning to walk will be in the thousands. Also, the birthing process itself is extremely stressful on the body, whether it’s done by cesarean, with drugs, or all natural. IMG_3546

Our family’s philosophy when it comes to health is to always be proactive and never wait for problems to happen before taking care of ourselves, but doing so before something is wrong. I have seen too many people get sick or pass way with no warning signs and our families philosophy is to do everything to be our healthiest. 

Many people live reactively, which means they wait until a problem exists before they see somebody or do something positive for their health. 

I talked last week about having a Lifestyle Team of people who care for you regularly, and these are people you see while you feel great. I talked about how amazing medical doctors are, but they are there for when we have a problem, and so it’s up to us to create better lifestyle patterns to prevent us from needing to see them.

I know my daughter will grow up in a world of lots of sports activity, tons of texting, and frequent computer usage, so our goals right now are to give her the winner’s edge to be her healthiest from birth. 

If any of you have any children you would like us to check then please reply, as this Saturday, October 31st, Dr. Savy has blocked off her entire schedule to assess kids complimentary for newsletter readers. 

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