Why Meditation is Your Fountain of Youth and How to Meditate Easily

This past weekend I spoke at CrossFit Rockdale in Conyers, GA, about specific strategies on becoming a better athlete. I talked about supplements, the primal/paleo lifestyle, mobility movements, creating better mechanics, and also the mental aspect of being an athlete. CFR2

Someone asked a question about meditation, and this took us into a huge discussion on: 

* How to meditate.
* When to meditate.
* How to make it simple.
* How it can be quick.
* Why you should meditate.

This created major awareness for the group on how simple and easy it can be to perform meditation if you know the right steps. 

When I first heard about meditation I thought it was completely bogus and something I would not be able to do. My attention span is extremely short and I am always moving on to the next thing, so I believed that sitting still for 30 minutes and thinking of clouds taking my thoughts away would be extremely challenging for me. 

A few years went by with zero meditation, but as I kept hearing more and more of the benefits I began to do more research. I found out about a type of meditation called ‘guided meditation’, and this was a game changer in my life. Guided meditation is when you sit still, put on headphones, and listen to someone guide you through an exercise of meditating. Sometimes they guide me to the beach, through the forest, or take me to my happy places, but guided meditation always allows me to focus on the voice speaking instead of sitting still and doing nothing. 

Most of the time I meditate before bed, and it can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The key is finding the right voice that works for you and using the right protocols. 

All of us want more in our life, whether it’s better relationships, more money, increased happiness, less stress, or a happy career. 

Guided meditation helps you unlock those potentials for your life and become a more relaxed and stress-free individual. 

If you go to, which is the mecca for finding researched articles, and type in ‘meditation benefits’, you will find a plethora of positive research showing how beneficial meditation can be when done on a regular basis. 

Here is the best way to learn to meditate: 

1) Go to “
2) Type in “Guided Meditation and XXXXX’. (I usually do stress or sleep depending on my day).
3) Find a video with the duration you would like, such as 5 minutes or 45 minutes.
4) Click Play and enjoy

This is how easy it is, and you can see when I typed in “Guided Meditation and XXXX”how many search tabs came up showing what most people use it for. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.35.03 PM

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