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Why I NEVER drink after even 1 workout

As far as creating workout gains is concerned, there is one rule I always abide by, that is to NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL AFTER A WORKOUT.

Working out and staying healthy is my greatest passion. I will do anything I can do to grow in the gym. I know the same is true for many of you, which is why this little step can be a great value for you in the future.

One of the biggest mistakes I see from some people and amongst friends, who have goals to become elite athletes, is their habit of drinking alcohol after a workout. Having one beverage can make a difference to those who want to be average in the gym, and to those who are eager to get elite.

Drinking alcohol is a huge deterrent for those looking to grow muscle mass, enhanced performance, and to those who desire to become overall better athletes.Beer Gut

When you workout and perform moves such as squats, cleans, snatch, shoulder presses, and other weightlifting moves, you produce growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone. HGH and testosterone are vital for increasing muscle mass, losing fat, and many other factors to being healthy.

If you workout in the morning and want to get the best gains from the gym, then ideally you would be eating tons of healthy nutrients throughout the day and keeping your body active, so you can help your body recover 100%. If you workout in the afternoon, then having a solid dinner full of nutrients will be important as well getting a good nights rest.

There are different issues why it is a problem to drink alcohol after a workout; one most important factor is the blocking and lowering of testosterone levels. If you drink a few beers after a hard workout, you just wasted your body’s ability to produce testosterone and grow from the gym. Aside from the muscle gains, increasing testosterone levels from working out is beneficial in other areas such as a youthful glow in appearance, and increases energy.

For those who are highly intoxicated, study shows that testosterone levels drop to an average of 25% lower than normal. Basically, every alcoholic beverage you take after workout decreases your production of HGH and testosterone, which is what you need to help you build muscle mass and become stronger.

I am not saying that you stop drinking, but for those who are looking to get the greatest gains in the gym, you must stop alcohol intake on the day you workout. Drinking a glass of wine on an off day is going to be much different than drinking a glass of wine on a day of working out.

Another negative factor is the empty calories you get from alcohol, which slows down the production of fat loss and muscle gain.

When you drink alcohol you slow down your metabolism. Once this occurs, fats cannot be broken down. Your body is trying too hard to digest and metabolize the alcohol; the fat burning and muscle gain process stops.

I have seen this in many triathletes who think that just because they workout so much, they can drink as much beer as they want. When we all go out after a long ride or run, I see them devour the bar. If you look at their body type, they are higher than normal body-fat percentages.

Bottom line is that if you are not seeing the gains you want or have hit a plateau then look into your alcohol intake, the day you head to the gym. This simple strategy can be a game changer for those looking to grow to new levels in their health and fitness.




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