What I Am Getting into Post-Ironman (May shock some of you)

I am now only 1 week out (September 27, 2015) from completing Ironman Chattanooga, which has been a journey of intense training for the past 18 months. 

This dream of competing in endurance races has been back and forth for almost 10 years, and it is crazy to think that in 2006 I did my first marathon. This chapter of extreme long-distance endurance races is most likely over for the foreseeable future, but there may be some minor races in the interim. The endurance races are a love-hate relationship as the training and figure my body turns into is not the most desired, but the discipline and commitment it takes to accomplish one of these races is my favorite test.

The weeks of 10-14-hours of training and spending each weeknight doing 2-hour workouts while using Sundays to bike for 4-6 hours is finally done. The toll this took on spending time with my family was very challenging, and I cannot wait to sleep in on a Sunday, play with my daughter, then go to brunch and hang out with my family for the day. I feel like it has been forever since we were able to do that, and I cannot believe that this will be coming up in less than 1 week. 

When I started training for my first Ironman in 2014, I weighed 185 pounds and was 5-7% body fat. Since April 2014 I have dropped down to 168 pounds and would guess that I am at a #Instacollagebody fat percentage of 15%, as I have lost much of my muscle definition from weight training. Once this race is over I cannot wait to get back to weight training and doing CrossFit again with all of my friends. My goal is going to get even stronger than I was in 2014 and work on making it to 190 with the same body fat percentage of roughly 7%. Some of this may change depending on whether I get accepted into the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, but that race is a much shorter distance and the hardest part of it is the swim. The current is extremely tough, the water temperature is in the 50’s, and the worry of getting eaten by a great white would cross my mind but make me swim faster. However, I won’t know about that until November, so for now my concentration will be weight training and hiring a coach to program my weekly workouts. 

Along with spending time with family and putting on muscle, I plan to take my health to unreached heights. In October I will be undergoing lots of blood, urine, stool, and hair testing to analyze many biomarkers in my body to see just how healthy I am. I don’t go to medical doctors on a yearly basis for checkups, but I will be doing my own blood work and getting it assessed by integrative doctors who specialize in keeping people healthy. This way I can track many of the tests that most doctors don’t look at, but are some of the most important and don’t sway easily based on the days before diet and stress. Some markers I plan to track are: 

* Homocysteine
* Bacteria in gut from stool
* C-reactive protein
* Glutathione
* Liver enzymes
* Vitamin D levels
* Testosterone
* Cortisol
* Particle sizes of cholesterol
* And much more.

Finally, as far as business I will allocate an increased amount of time to setting up more Corrective Chiropractic offices and completing my book in early 2016. Beyond the time it takes to train for one of these races, there is a component to emotional and physical stress that is difficult to explain unless you’ve been through it. When you train at this level your body’s hormones are completely out of balance and the body lives in a state of stress. As I get my body regulated again and back in balance, it’ll be nice to have that energy and oomph back to making Corrective Chiropractic even more of a powerhouse in Atlanta than it already is. My book, which has been a journey over the past 2 years, is about to go through the final editing process and will be a guide for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level, with tons of tips and strategies.  

Thanks so much to everyone for all of their support throughout the past 18 months, as there is no way I could have done this without a team. My wife has been the most patient and completely supportive of helping me achieve this goal. My staff have had to deal with me leaving early at night and coming in fatigued after many days of intense training, but they have undoubtedly been the best staff an employer could wish for. 


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  1. Ashley Empel
    Ashley Empel says:

    I love reading your blogs Austin!! I am most excited about my new adventure into your practice and very thankful for the relief I have already gotten! Good luck to you in the near future and I know that everything you put your heart into will be a great success!


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