What we can learn from astronaut Scott Kelly about our backs (plus 4 quick tips)

On March 3, 2016, Scott Kelly returned to Earth after spending 340 days in outer space performing different research studies.

NASA was testing his vision, long-term radiation, as well as bone and muscle health.ABC_scott_kelly_jt_150322_16x9_992

The reason why Scott Kelly’s 340 days are important to your health is because over the duration of these 340 days in space, Kelly grew 1.5 inches.

This is huge and something we should all take ideas from.

Day to day we are all fighting the negative effects of gravity from computers, exercising, and the many other ways in which we compromise our bodies. The fact is that we are all shrinking due to these negative effects – UNLESS we become proactive and live a bit differently.

The reason why a person shrinks or grows is due to the spacers in between each vertebra, which are the discs. I would bet that by living in space there is no such thing as a disc herniation or bulging discs simply because there is no stress on them to herniate. This is why we cannot blame these spinal-related issues on our genetics, and can only look to gravity and doing things to take our bodies out of gravity.

There are 4 strategies I think would be valuable to decrease the loss of height, and not coincidentally I go into these strategies in detail within my book “Eliteness”, now on Amazon.

  1. Inversion Tables
    • Every morning I spend 3-5 minutes hanging upside down on an inversion table and taking my body off of gravity to open up the spine. This tool helps with the hydration of the discs and keeping them healthier before you start either sitting in front of the computer all day or being on your feet. 
  2. Straighten Your Spine
    • This is why my chiropractic offices have integrated so much technology, because if the spine is not straight then added to gravity, the spine will weaken much faster. It’s important that the spine is straight on the front and curved on the side in order to have good shock absorption so that gravity doesn’t crush it faster. See a chiropractor who does X-rays with other technology and tracks that progress is a vital tool to becoming your best. Testimonials pour in all the time from our patients who went to their medical doctor for a general checkup and the doctor said they grew .5 – 1 inch. 
  3. Grab a Ball
    • Go to Amazon and get an exercise ball to sit on at work every hour for at least 3 minutes. These exercise balls help to create motion and movement so gravity doesn’t keep putting stress on the disc. 
  4. Strengthen the Core
    • The stronger your core, the stronger and easier it’ll be to protect those discs and make sure they don’t weaken faster. Here is a short core video I did years ago, but the principles in it are beneficial and can make your spinal stabilizers strong again.
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