This equation will make your resolutions come true..

An Equation To A Successful Resolution: VALUE (S) + RESOLUTION (S) = SUCCESScore-values

As we are only a few days into the New Year, many people have begun to take on their infamous resolutions and goals. Every year, millions of people create resolutions and if we took a glance at the percentage of people that accomplished their resolutions that number would most likely be pretty low. I am not saying this to be negative but to be factual, and help you break through the barriers of getting the results you need in 2015.

If you have already created your resolutions, then great!  But, I want you to do a re-evaluation on them to see if they fit “you”. The reason why most peoples resolutions fail is because, the goals they created do not match their values as a human and there becomes a huge disconnect.  Thus, this is why 80% of the people that join a gym in January quit by February.  Also, this is why people who are single resolute to going on weekly dates, end up stopping this after a few weeks. It all comes down to values!

If you want to achieve the resolutions you created,  follow the next steps:

1)    Review the values list

2)    Pick your top 20

3)    Narrow down to 10

4)    Narrow down to 5

Now that you have this list, then look at your resolutions and see if the values parallel with those resolutions

My top 5 are: 1) Personal Health 2) Family 3) Personal Growth 4) Professionalism 5) Friendshi

For example, health is my highest value and ranks number 1 on my list. I believe that if I do not have my health, then I have nothing! The more health I have, then the more I can play with my kids, be there for my family, be a great chiropractor, and connect even stronger to my other values. Since health is my highest value, then it would make no sense for me to create other resolutions above that, because health will always win. If I create a goal of hanging out with friends every Saturday night but Sunday I have a long workout or competition, then guess what will take precedence? Most likely, I will skip hanging out with friends to get extra sleep for my workout or competition because health is higher on my values than friendship. However, friends ranks number 5 on my values list, so it is something I appreciate and am fulfilled when I hang out with friends. This is why a realistic resolution for me as far as friendship is to “have lunch with 1 friend every week”.

There are no right or wrong answers to this list as everyone is different, which is what makes this  world exciting! I know some people that put family or friendship as number 1 and health is not even on their list. This list is personal, so do it based on what you think is right and not what anyone else will think about your list.

This year my top resolution is to have 1 social encounter with a friend each week. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks but getting together and incorporating more friendship will be very important to me in creating an amazing 2015. Also, since my highest value is health, then usually when I workout I always invite a friend to either run or bike with me so I can fulfill 2 values at the same time.

If health is not on your values list and you want to workout by yourself 5 days a week, and eat paleo, then usually that is a failure waiting to happen. However, if family is your number 1 priority, then how can you incorporate family to exercising or eating better?

This post could be confusing for someone who may not understand incorporating values and resolutions, and if so, then please post your comments below. My goal is that everyone who follows this blog will achieve their resolutions on December 31, 2015.


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