How to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

It seems like yesterday when my family flew into town to hold up signs on Peachtree Road and place “Now Open” flyers on every car in Buckhead. 

It has been exactly five years since Corrective Chiropractic, formerly called Cohen Chiropractic Centre, opened its doors to the City of Atlanta, and the response and openness of the community to welcome me has been endearing and truly humbling.

Over the past 5 years, I have learned thousands of lessons both professionally and personally, and I wanted to share the biggest lesson, which has made a huge impact on my life. NOwOpen

When I first opened in 2009, I would grow to a certain level in my practice and in my personal life and would always find myself hitting plateaus. Whether it was the number of patients in the office, my relationship with my wife, my level of fitness, or any other category, I never could grow past a certain level. 

The #1 thing I learned about what was holding me back and the lesson I learned was the idea of “limiting beliefs.” I found that people who are ultra-successful in all areas of their life have fewer limiting beliefs and are constantly creating empowering beliefs. People who are struggling in their life, both professionally and personally, tend to have a lot of limiting beliefs. 

One of my biggest limiting beliefs was my belief that I could not put massive energy into my business and create success while also putting energy into my marriage and creating an amazing relationship. I felt that when one was going very well then the other would take a backseat. There would be months where my business was doing amazing and I was lacking on date nights and spending no time with my wife, and the months when my relationship was doing amazing, then my business would not be doing as well. 

What I had to do was to reference and find time or see the possibility that I could have an amazing relationship while my business was doing well. I had to squash the limiting belief to know that what I wanted was possible and to understand that it was not happening in my life because I was holding myself back. 

Since October 20, 2009, I have created hoards of limiting beliefs on different subjects, and to this day, I still have some. My focus now is on catching myself saying them and then creating enough empowerment to squash them. 

Find out what your limiting beliefs are, and begin keeping tabs on them and finding ways to reference when they were not true, and create empowerment. This concept is definitely challenging at first, but it is one that can keep moving your life up and past all the plateaus and limitations you set for yourself. 

If you would like some help with your limiting beliefs or are confused whether you have any, then please comment below so we can help you take your life to new heights.