Movement of the Month – September 2014

Movement of the Month:



I selected running because, as Fall approaches, many people will be getting outside and getting in some good runs before the cold. I also decided to implement running as most people don’t enjoy it or, if they see it in a workout, then they sometimes bail on the workout. Running should be fun and is a great movement if done efficiently. Coach Matt does an amazing job of giving 4 strategies for better running and 2 programs for the endurance athlete and the Crossfit athlete.

Highlights of Video: 

Coach Matt from Crossfit Terminus was a D1 athlete on the Georgetown track team, which was ranked Top 10 among all programs. Matt did the Leadville 100 race in 2008 and has trained countless people performing marathons and ultra-marathons. Currently, his record 800m (half-mile) is 1:50 and his 400m (1/4 mile) is 47 seconds. He is certified with Crossfit Endurance and recently trained athletes at the Crossfit Games. Bottom-line, Coach Matt knows his stuff.

Matt shared four strategies to becoming a better runner: 

A) Rotational Twisting – Many people are rotating their body when they run thinking they are helping with forward motion, but in fact, they are decreasing energy. Matt says to think of a forward motion and moving forward.

B) Tension in Shoulders – A lot people, when they see the workout includes running or they are not looking forward to the run, then they will round their shoulders and jut their head forward. Their shoulders stay up in their ears, and once again, they waste more energy in the run and fatigue earl.

C) Controlled Breathing – Coach Matt’s 3rd tip is about how breathing properly is crucial to an efficient run and not losing your pace. My favorite quote from Coach Matt is: “Breathing is not attached to the effort of your feet.” Many people follow the motion of their feet to control their pace, but staying centered and not letting your breath get out of control can keep you paced efficiently. When I ran a 7:30 pace for 3 miles with Matt, he kept telling me, “Reset your breathing; reset your breathing.” I would take a deep breath and get refocused and maintain pace. Check out this YouTube link to watch Rudisha set the World Record in the 800m, and see how smooth is breathing is –

D) Bending Knees for Fluid Run – Think of yourself as a marionette puppet where your arm drives up on one side and leg comes up on the other side. You are letting your hamstring do all the work to bring your foot off the ground. If you are not pulling with your MJhamstring then the hip flexor is doing all the work.

Training Protocols: 


1) Long Run: Should be a max of 10 miles on Saturday or Sunday
2) Short Run: * Always half of a long run and should be 5 miles.
* Warm-Up for 1 mile
* Pace the middle 3 miles at 80% of your goal for the half-marathon time.
* Cool down 1 mile
3) Curveball Run: Complete 7 miles total
* Warm up for 1 mile
* Do 10x800m runs at half the mile PR. Example: If your 1 mile PR is 6:00 minutes, then run each 800m at 3:00
* Take a 2:00 minute break between each 800m. The goal is to get down to 45 seconds of rest between each 800m but
keep the same pace.

Crossfit Athletes:

1) Determine running PRs
A) 400 meter
B) 800 meter:
C) 1 Mile:
D) 2 Mile:

2) Workout Once a Week
A) Include workouts such as Jerry’s (1 mile run, 2k row, 1 mile run)
B) 8–10 x 400m (Go every 3 minutes. Quicker runs lead to longer breaks. Example: finish 400m in 1:30, then you have 1:30 to rest.)