Resiliency – A Life Lesson From the CrossFit Atlantic Regionals

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 CrossFit Atlantic Regionals in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center.

It was the first time CrossFit has combined two regions (Mid-Atlantic and Southeast) together and the first time it was in Atlanta. The crowd was ignited; the arena was jam-packed, and the atmosphere was dynamite.

One of my main reasons for attending was because my athletes, Emily Bridgers and Team Terminus, were competing, and I wanted to support them. They have been extremely motivating the past year and have worked very hard to get to the point they have achieved.

The weekend consisted of 7 workouts in total, and the top scorer would get 100 points, going down by 5 each rank. The people who ranked in the top 5 by the end of the weekend would punch their ticket for an opportunity to compete in Carson, California, at the CrossFit Games.

By the end of Day 1, Emily was sitting in 6th place, below what many spectators expected and not eligible for a spot at the CrossFit Games. Many people probably expected a similar performance on Days 2 and 3 because of the fierce competition and because they don’t know her personally. I, however, knew that wasn’t an option.Em1st

If there is one thing I know about her and what makes her elite, it is her resiliency, embodied in her motto of #allsmiles and her attitude of never giving up.

She took this energy and was placed 2nd by the end of Day 2, and by the final day, she ended up finishing in 1st place.

As I watched the entire weekend, what I noticed was how many people and teams that fell outside the top 10 gave lackluster performances throughout the weekend. It looked as if many of them saw their place and gave up, not wanting to earn that top spot.

Yes, some athletes may have been fatigued, but how was it that Ben Smith at the end of workout 3 went super fast on the box jump overs to beat Noah Ohlsen? He did that because that is what winners do and that is what elite people do.

Emily was down by 2 minutes on workout 3 getting off the treadmill and ended up beating all guys and the rest of girls in that workout. Why? Because winners never give up. They always give it their max and are committed to winning.

This principle applies to so many facets of our life, whether it’s business, family, finances, or health. How often do you give up, and how often do you dig deep and think, “What can I do to be better?”

Elite athletes and most successful people always ask why and how and find ways to dig deep into their reserves to reach as much of their potential as possible.

On Friday night, when I went to adjust Emily after Day 1, she asked me, “What could I have done or how could I have performed to be better than the rest of the girls today?”

She asked this because that is what elite people do. They want to know how and what they could do to be the best.

If your business is slow and not working, do you keep doing the same thing though it’s not giving you the desired results, or do you strategize with elite mentors to think differently?

If your relationship is failing, do you give up on it and not try to have conversations or dates to keep it growing?

If your finances get low, do you give up on earning more money or do you ask, “What could I do to make more money and grow my bank account?”Terminus

If you’ve been the same mediocre athlete for so many years or look the same with no weight loss or muscle gain despite working out for so many years, do you ask what could I do to improve and reach my optimal results?

Resiliency is a key element that winners have to make their life work for them and not let life happen to them.

What could you do, and who could you be to be better than you were yesterday?

What are you doing to beat the competition, not only in the gym but also outside the gym in your daily life?

A major congratulations to Emily Bridgers on her stellar performance this weekend, and another recognition to Team Terminus. Team Terminus was extremely consistent with their performances, never letting ego get in the way of the end result.

It has been an honor being your chiropractor and health coach, and I am looking forward to being with all of you in Carson, California, at the CrossFit Games.


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