My 2 Workouts on Vacation (Must Do’s)

This past weekend I was in Cancun for one of my good friend’s wedding.

Even though my wife would love for me to chill and enjoy the vacation, I always have the urge to move and work out while away.IMG_0251

In fact, I am so crazy that I will plan each night as far as what time I have my last drink and what time I get to bed (10:00 – 11:00 PM) so I can wake up and work out. Friday morning was going to be my run and Saturday was going to see strength training. This way I made sure I drank more water and ate more carbs all day Thursday, and on Friday I ate more protein and was OK drinking a couple more beers since Saturday would be less about endurance.

I know many people would say “I hate planning on vacations”but for the small block of working out this has to get planned. On vacation it is so easy to eat, drink, and relax while sleeping in and not working out or getting your body moving. There is nothing wrong with chilling on vacation, but a vacation to me includes working out as it is just as relaxing.

Working out and being healthy is my highest value similar to many of you, which is why I shared my 2 favorite workouts from this past weekend below.

1)    30-Minute Run in Sand

My favorite part about going to the beach is the opportunity to put my feet into the sand and work out those small muscles on the bottom of the foot. In a world where shoes are ALWAYS on us as both protective devices and for superficial reasons, our feet are inhibited from becoming stronger.

Many of us have been wearing shoes our whole life and the problem with doing this from such a young age is that it never allows our arches and foot muscles to fully develop. This will lead to weaker arches and poor mobility in the ankle, which in turn translates into poor squatting and other bad movements, usually leading to knee or foot problems.

I have told my wife numerous times that how we need to keep shoes off our daughter for a while so she can create strong foot muscles and increase the arch in her foot.

In my book I talk about tons of strategies to strengthen the foot and increase ankle mobility, but one great way is running in the sand.

Running in the sand allows us to use all the muscles in the feet, especially the ones we inhibit when wearing shoes. Running helps with the arches as well as increasing dorsiflexion of the foot.

Since I live in Atlanta which is landlocked, I don’t often have the opportunity to run in the sand and work out those foot muscles. This is why any time I make a trip to the beach, running in the sand is a high priority and will always be the workout I do before any others.

During this run I ran 15 minutes out and on the way back I would sprint at the top of the minute for 20 seconds.

2)    50 Manmakers for Time

Typically the workout I will do on Day 2 is get in a bunch of manmakers, which is a full-body workout. A manmaker is exactly what it sounds like and something that when done properly with heavy weight can turn you into a man (or woman, to be PC).

Depending on your strength the goal is to make sure you can do 50 of them without dropping the weight or taking a long break. For those that are new to this you may only want to do 25 manmakers, but since I am staying in an all-inclusive resort I had to go for the 50 and burn off the quesadillas and coladas (yes, I cheated!).


1) Get set up in the push-up position while gripping dumbbells

2) Lift your right arm up like you are doing a row and place it back on the ground

3) Lift your left arm up like you are doing a row and place it back on the ground

4) Jump with your feet forward and get into the squatted position with the dumbbells racked on your shoulders

5) Thrust the dumbbells up and overhead and that is your first rep

6) Get back into the pushup position gripping dumbbells and repeat for time…


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