Living Your Life in the Holiday Spirit

Every year between Thanksgiving and New Years, I begin to observe great amounts of love and sharing during the “holiday season.” People hold doors more often for others, donate clothes and furniture to charity, volunteer at shelters, donate toys to drives, as well as do things as simple as letting people in front them while driving. When they post on social media about their heroic and humanitarian acts, they usually reference something related to “being in the holiday spirit.”

I am the biggest fan of giving back to others and am the first to acknowledge anyone being of service.

What always confuses me, though, is why we don’t live our whole lives in the “holiday spirit.” Why do we wait for a “season” to be nice to others, contribute to charities, volunteer at shelters, and make a positive impact?

It is great to help those who are in need right now during the holiday season, but their thirst for happiness, relationships, and basic needs does not take a break between January and November. In fact, many of the people at the homeless shelter who we adjust wish more people would think of them outside the seasonal months. They become highly inundated and abundant with love and care through November and December, but usually right after January, they get very lonely. When we have talked with some of the men throughout the year, they tell us they appreciate that we as a business visit regularly. We want to go and serve, making sure their bodies are well adjusted and functioning optimally year-round.431486_991311846164_161802911_n

In fact, one of my favorite days of the year is February 14th because my staff, my wife, and I go to the women’s shelter and give roses to every female. There are usually between 200–300 women, and we always make sure everyone receives a rose. Every time we have gone, there are tears of joy from the women, as our visit is generally completely unexpected.

For me, the biggest rewards are the connection to others and the ability to make someone’s day greater.

The message is we do not have to wait for the time between Thanksgiving and New Years to get into the “holiday spirit” and bring joy to someone’s day. The “holiday spirit” should live with us 365 days a year and always be the forefront of the decisions we make to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

I would really appreciate if you could post in the comments section about what you do to live in the holiday spirit.

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