Lebron James is Catching on to the Paleo Diet

For those who watch SportsCenter or read ESPN online, then you may know that Lebron James has recently lost a bunch of weight. In fact, he not only said he shed weight, but he said he feels quicker on the court from the new energy he has, and those of us who have followed Lebron since his inaugural season know that this could be dangerous for other teams. 

In a September 26th article on ESPN, Lebron said, “I’ll tell you what I couldn’t have—no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no refined sugar—no nothing. Meat. Fish. Veggies. Fruit.” He also said he has given up on pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream, which are 3 of Lebron’s favorite foods. 

Now, before many of you start making excuses and saying, “Well, it’s easy for Lebron as he can hire chefs”or “It’s easy for Lebron as he has infinite amounts of money,”the bottom line is changing the way you eat is not easy for anybody, no matter how much money you have. Sugar is ADDICTIVE and, in fact, is more addictive than cocaine. For someone to transform their way of eating requires a willingness and discipline to become healthier – not trying to become healthy overnight but becoming healthy over time and doing it the right way. 

In fact, eating paleo is inexpensive. For example, my paleo pancakes found in the Daily Survival Guide would cost roughly $1 for breakfast. Also, many of the other recipes and my weekly food items are inexpensive as well – http://draustincohen.com/category/weekly-food-items/.

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