How to dominate and do the perfect snatch

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Since we have bene doing mostly gymnastics the past 2 months I decided to toss in some lifting. Sonya McMillan competes in many Crossfit and lifting competitions so I figured she would be a good fit for the demonstration. Many people do this move and it may be the most common lift for people to get hurt. From foot position to the catch, most people’s technique is poor especially once they have to do many reps for time.


Highlights of Video:

Sonya McMillan from Crossfit Terminus was a D1 athlete in track. She is well known for her performance in 2014 ranking 7th in the Crossfit Southeast Regionals and now competing with Squat Mafia for the 2015 Games.

Errors people make with snatch:

1) Foot Work
* Always have starting point and finish point. Practice by jumping out an then in with feet moving outside shoulders a bit. Always hold snatch with hook grip.

2) Bar Path Pull
* Position 1 – High hang snatch
* Position 2 – Bar above knee
* Position 3 – Bar at starting point

Make sure you hit each of the positions properly and this is why ‘perfect’ practice will make the perfect snatch.

3) The Catch
* When you catch the bar your feet should come out. The catch is dropping fast under the bar.

Warmup with Burgeners Warmup (Made of 5 movements done 5 times).
1) Up/Down – Creates speed through midline
2) Elbow high – Creates faster speed through midline keeping bar close to body.
3) Muscle snatch – Lean into it.
4) Jumping position – Have external rotation in shoulders and move feet out then walk in. Do this a little bit deeper with feet going further out and walking back in.
5) Snatch drop – This will be a speed full overhead snatch.

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