How to Assemble Your Healthcare Team

If there is one thing I have learned over the past 10 years of being submerged in the healthcare world, it’s that in order to be healthy there is only one person responsible, and that is YOU. 

I see many people day in, day out who think that because they have the “greatest”doctors, that those doctors are responsible for their health. Wrong! 

Those doctors are the best and there for you in crisis situations, but they are not there for you and your lifestyle problems. For example, if you eat doughnuts, ho-hos, and drink diet colas all day and go to your doctor for high cholesterol, then their responsibility is to treat your high cholesterol. Is it their responsibility to sit down with you and ask you about your diet, then put you on an anti-inflammatory diet including a high omega-3 cycle to raise HDL and lower LDL? No. You created a problem from your lifestyle, and your medical doctor’s only job is treat your problem, not look at the cause unless they are integrative medicine, which is not the norm. 

This is why myself and my family have made it a point to not only have good medical doctors on the sidelines in case something goes wrong, but more importantly to have good lifestyle professionals. We want people on our team that play the game of life with us and keep us healthily living out our potential. By seeing these professionals I am able to hopefully prevent myself from being forced to visit my medical doctor, because I am working on my own health and taking responsibility. 

We call these people our Lifestyle Team, and if you look at our credit card bills you won’t find a lot of retail shopping, going out to bars, or high cable/internet bills, because our values lie in our health. We don’t find value in shopping, going out for drinks, or having the platinum Comcast plan, but rather in taking care of our health because we know it’s the only one we will get. 

Many of you will say “It’s too expensive to do all those things,”but if you really looked hard at where your money went you may realize that there is always extra to put towards a Lifestyle Team. Check your cable bills, bar tabs, restaurant bills and shopping statements, and usually you will always find enough for the best investment, which is the investment in your health. 

Our Lifestyle Team

1) The first one is hopefully obvious, and it is that my family and I (including my baby Harlow) get adjusted regularly at least 2-4 times a month. We see a chiropractor as well to keep our nervous system clear of interference, allowing our bodies to function at 100%.Health

Fortunately my daughter has not been sick nor had any ear infections, colicky, or acid reflux, and we attribute that to her regular adjustments of keeping her spine clear.

Many of you know how aggressive I am with working out and training, and fortunately I can say I have been injury free and able to do the things I want without limitations because of chiropractic.

My wife post-baby has been feeling great and really enjoys chiropractic as a way to get her body realigned so her spine and hips don’t become issues in the long term. 

2) The other key player on my Lifestyle Team is my massage therapist, who I see twice a month. As stated earlier, I put my body through the ringer and work it pretty hard, so making sure my soft tissue and muscles are activated and flushed of toxins is extremely important for me to feel my best.

Massage is also a rare time when I get 90 minutes to think about nothing, do nothing, and become aware of my body. It helps to check in and see where am I working out too hard or where there could be muscle imbalances. 

3) A player who I have had on my team for 2 years and who I unfortunately took some time away from during Ironman training is my acupuncturist. I usually go once a month to balance my energy and when I walk away I feel extremely relaxed. Acupunc

People always ask me “Do you feel a big difference?”, and the honest answer is “not really”, but it’s one of those things that I know is good for my body. Many of us take supplements, and do we feel a difference? No, but we know that it is good for us and the right thing to do. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, and some of the healthiest cultures in the world use this as their primary provider. My philosophy is, success leaves clues, so follow what the super healthy are doing and jump on the bandwagon. 

4) The final player on my team is my nutritional advisor, who fortunately works in my office. She not only gives me guidance on certain foods to eat, but uses muscle testing to determine if the supplements I take work with my body or against it. She has me on a regime protocol of supplements to heal my body from the undue stress I put on it day to day. 

I know our society is used to seeing doctors when something is wrong, but your Lifestyle Team is there to help you be preventive while everything is right. This mindset is completely different thinking, but I see these results every day, as my patients who are more proactive with all areas of their health are much healthier than the reactive ones.

The fact is that ALL of us will get only one life on this earth, so why not be proactive and live it to the max? If doing these things can have me playing with my daughter when I am 70 years old, then it was all completely worth it. 

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