How healthy hygiene leads to more energy and better athleticism? (My natural product list)

In this world there are toxins we can control and toxins we cannot.

When I go running outside down Peachtree Road, I cannot control the amount of fumes and toxicity being released into the air. I could control the time I run and reduce the exposure, but breathing in pollution is something I cannot control.

Throughout life there are many things that we cannot do anything about, but there are also many things we can, and personal hygiene is a big control factor.

We are exposed to thousands upon thousands of toxins each day through the food we eat, air we breathe, and water we drink. As we keep intoxicating ourselves, we will ultimately lead ourselves into many chronic diseases, especially neurological and gut issues.

Research has been done on toxic sunscreens, deodorants, toothpaste, and many more products regarding the effects they have on our health. Studies have shown that by using many of these toxic ingredients daily, we can increase our risk of future problems.

Personally I like to keep it simple, and here are the products I use on a regular basis to keep myself well and clean.

Shampoo – Our house favorite for shampoo is Avalon Organics, which is made of aloe, extracts, and tons of different essential oils. It’s a product that has no parabens or other chemicals and one that does wonders for the hair. Too many shampoos and popular brands are loaded with chemicals, which should be a no-no especially considering how close to the brain they end up.











Soap – This one is easy and one you should switch out immediately. Why would you take a toxic piece of soap loaded with chemicals and rub it all over your body to clean yourself? It makes no sense! We love the Dudu Osun (I know, terrible name) but there are only 9 ingredients and all give that fresh feeling. The list of ingredients are: Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun, Palmkernel Oil, Cocoa Pad Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, and Water. That is it! Look at your soap right now and if you cannot pronounce the words then it may be time to upgrade to the good stuff. We buy this product on Amazon in packages of 6 for less than $15.










Toothpaste – For 10 years my wife and I have not used fluoridated toothpaste and since then I have not had any cavities. I am not a dentist so I can’t speak too much on this, but every dentist I go to says how irrelevant fluoridated toothpaste is to cavity formation. The dentists I see say the cause is diet and not flossing regularly to break up the bacteria colonies. The concept makes tons of sense and for those worried about fluoride, you get enough of it in your city water. The toothpaste we use is Claybrite Natural Toothpaste, whose tagline is ‘Let the Earth clean your teeth’.












Deodorant – This is one that a lot of people always question when they find out I do this, but deodorants are by far some of the most toxic products on the market. Studies have been done to show how breast cancer tumors are filled with parabens and one of the most common spots is under the arm near the armpit. Not only for women in regards to breast cancer, but men should also be avoiding these products as they can be very harmful since they are used daily and on a regular basis. Like I said, there are things that we can do to try and prevent cancer and things in the air we can do nothing about. Deodorant is a huge control piece, which is why I only use coconut oil. Yes, that’s it! I take a little bit of coconut oil and put it under my arms every morning when I wake up. Some ask about body odor, but I take 3 tablespoons of chlorophyll a day to prevent smells, as chlorophyll is an internal deodorant.












Sunscreen – With summer in the air and the sun blazing, many people will be loading up on chemically-induced sunscreens. It always amazes me how people are concerned about cancer by putting on sunscreen, yet sunscreen is filled with tons of cancer-causing agents. I am not against sunscreen at all, but putting the right sunscreen on will be crucial. The difference between using all-natural sunscreens and chemical sunscreens is that with all-natural sunscreen you have to reapply it every 60-80 minutes. Why? Because there are much less preservatives. You should not look at that as a negative, but rather as a positive knowing you’re using the right product.









People ask me all the time about my energy level and how I keep it sustained throughout the day while not being dependent on caffeine. I get asked how I can do so much in a day while having a family, writing a book, running a business, and training for an Ironman. The main factor that keeps me going is that I am not loaded up with tons of toxic chemicals inside my body slowing me down. The people I know who are the least organic and utilize every manmade product in the world, even in their diet, are some of the most sluggish and non-productive people. I am not perfect, but each day I have a hunger for wanting to be healthier and a better athlete, not only for myself but for my family and now, my daughter.


I would love to hear in the comments which products you use that are healthier and alternatives to the mainstream hygiene products in the world today.

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