Health Insurance vs Medical Insurance – Two different products with two different goals

A key question I get from people daily is why their insurance does not cover chiropractic. I have to explain high deductibles and high co-pays on a daily basis, and I also add that their medical insurance is truly designed for the medical world. 

Medical insurance is something my wife and I pay $145 a month for, with an $8,000 deductible, and it’s something I hope to never use. 

I don’t consider it “health insurance”because my Humana card does not keep me healthy or prevent disease and illness. If I break a bone, develop an illness, or get extremely sick, then my medical insurance is there to save me from the outrageous and growing cost of medicine. My medical doctors are excellent providers and are there for crisis intervention.   

My health insurance is the expense I have every month that allows me to maintain high levels health while staying in great physical shape. Doctors are always amazed by my health “for my age” because my medical numbers are well above normal: bone scans are extremely strong; body fat is very low, and VO2 max is high. This happens because my wife and I get that, in order to STAY healthy, we need to invest in ourselves: chiropractic adjustments, massages, acupuncture, whole food supplements, organic nutrition, and functional fitness. chiro-health-insurance

You have to shift your mindset NOW if you want to be healthy in the future and realize that your medical insurance is there for medical interventions and that your health insurance, which is the expenses to keep you healthy, is a separate entity from your medical insurance. Each has a goal and serves a purpose, but blending the two and thinking your medical insurance is a credit card that will keep you healthy is a sentence waiting to go down the medical disease model. 

Before anyone starts to say “Well, I don’t have that kind of money,” then let’s look at your entertainment, cable, restaurant, alcohol, retail, and travel bills. I get that it would be expensive for some people to afford every health service, but most of the time it comes down to values. For example, my wife and I recently found $60 a month we were wasting on cable TV and $29 a month we were wasting on our phone bill. Some people value having DVR, HD TV, shopping, flat screens, traveling, going out to eat, and drinking alcohol more than they do investing in their health. For us, we prefer to invest our hard-earned dollars on health insurance; then, anything left goes into the fun and entertainment.

Your health insurance is an investment that will provide significant returns, but your medical insurance is an expense that hopefully you will never use. 

Here is an example of my health insurance vs. my medical insurance: 

$145 month – Humana                                   $150 – Crossfit membership

$175 – Chiropractic (weekly adjustments)

$70 – Acupuncture      

$100 – Massage

Varies based on what we get – Organic food

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