How To Perform Handstand Push-Ups

Movement of the Month:

Handstand Push-Ups


I selected handstand push-ups because regularly we see people coming into the office getting injured performing this move. The progressions are too quick and most people are not doing it properly to develop the correct technique. Handstand push-ups is a great movement when done correctly and can create massive strength and stability in the shoulder and core muscles.

Highlights of Video: 

Emily Bridgers from Crossfit Terminus was a D1 athlete on the Georgia gymnastics team. She is well known for her 2014 performance at the Crossfit Games where she finished in 6th place overall in the World for all females.

Emily’s 2 reasons people cannot do handstand push-ups:

1) Poor midline stability (weak core)
* Focus on strengthening core through planks/sit-ups/hollow rock/etc.

2) Poor overhead position with shoulders

Emily shared an amazing progression for learning handstand push-ups: 

1) Get into tripod position
* Hands at edge of abmat
* Head flat on abmat
* Walk feet in and find elbows to kneesScreen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.11.39 PM
* Find resting position
* Balance here

Next progression:

2) Tripod to handstand
* Don’t touch wall

Next progression:

3) Tripod and use hips to explode up (similar to thruster)


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