Going Paleo? Don’t !@#$ It up With This Huge Mistake Most People Make

So, you have taken my advice or the advice of another smart person and decided to go paleo. Great! Now that you have taken this step, please don’t mess it up like most people and make this huge mistake. 

Once people transition over to eating paleo and getting off grains, dairy, sugar, and legumes, they think it’s a free-for-all with meat. They think they can eat meat all the time without any repercussions involved. FALSE!

First, I am proud of you taking steps to get healthier and clean up your system, but lets strategize. You went paleo because essentially you wanted to eat clean. The CornFed-vs-GrassFedBeef-biggest way people mess this up is that the QUALITY of meats they eat is gross. For most of the meat in America, when the cows are born, they are injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Why? The reason for the growth hormones is so they can grow extremely fast and big so they can be sent to the slaughterhouse for money. The reason for the antibiotics is because any animal, including us, that eats only genetically modified corn and other GMO products and is kept in a cage and environment that is full of filth and feces, that animal will most likely get sick. Most likely they will develop some form of infection, and most companies like to be “preventative”and dope their animals up with antibiotics. 

If you have decided to take on paleo, then in order for it to be true, you have to eat clean meats. This is not a decision based on values (as it would be the right thing to do), but it should be a decision based on health. Grass-fed beef contains higher amounts of omega 3s, as well being much leaner.

You have to think if the cows and chickens have all this crap inside of them, then guess who receives the crap or lack of nutrients when we eat them? Bingo!

As far as priorities for me, when it comes to paleo, eating clean meats is number 1 by a significant margin. If cost is a factor for you, then you may want to strongly consider spending your dollar on buying organic meats instead of organic vegetables and fruits. Ideally, you would buy organic for everything, but when cost becomes an issue, I always suggest sticking to clean meats first. 

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I read it everywhere about grass fed and go Paleo. When someone asks a question like. I know that grass fed is better but I can not afford it. What are the alternatives? What are 3 things I can do if I am on a limited budget, I eat veggies, fruits and natural and run out of money. What do I do?

    • Dr. Austin Cohen
      Dr. Austin Cohen says:

      Great question Paul. As far as going organic and buying “all-natural” it is far more important to eat organic meats then it is vegetables. If you are limited in funds then the key is spending your dollars on organic animal proteins instead of organic vegetables and fruits. In fact, you could organically grow your fruits and vegetables with many indoor kits or hydroponically, then this would free you up to spend more on meats. You could also google “local farms grass fed beef” and find some friends or co-workers and ask about splitting a half cow which would significantly drop the price. Finally, many farmers will give you free products IF you volunteer at a farmers market for them or volunteer on their farm. Hope I answered your question and got you thinking about new ways to get grass-fed beef.


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