Ever wonder, how professional athletes think when they workout?

Every time I walk into the gym, I never know what the workout will be until I look up on the TV screen in the front and see it. 

This past Friday was a brutal one and one that when you see it makes you think about walking out. 

The workout was: IMG_2909

* 21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 (Shoulder to Overhead @ 155 pounds, back squat @ 155 pounds, and then 20 double under (jump the rope two times through). 

When you add everything up it comes out to a total of 84 reps of shoulder to overheads, 84 reps of back squats, and then 140 double unders. 

I knew this was going to be a bit tougher on me since the weight was a little on the heavier side and something that I had to pace very well. The clock counted down to zero and the workout began with the 21 shoulder to overheads. 

As I got to round 18 I could already feel myself fatiguing and my pace slowing down. There were thoughts in my brain of stopping the workout early as it was extremely challenging and one that I felt was going to take forever. 

Once I reached round 15, I was going slower and at that moment, which I have done in the past as well, I realized why the professionals are the professionals. 

These professionals DO NOT have that thing that slows the average person down called “the Threshold.” In 2016, I have my book “Eliteness” coming out and it takes everything I have ever learned from elite professional athletes on their lifestyle and boiled it down to 9 simple steps. 

One of the things these athletes did not share but something I see in them is this threshold and how when they work out or do their sports there is no slowing down and their brains are missing that factor to do that for them. 

When average people like you or I work out, we reach a certain point and our brains shut down telling us to go slower. We feel the fatigue setting in and automatically our body slows down but it does this to keep us healthy and not get sick or injured. I have seen this in not only in functional training but also when I was doing my Ironman training. The professionals have that thing that we don’t have and this is a huge separating factor for why they are at the level they have achieved. 

The workout ended up taking me 25 minutes to complete but had my brain been wired like a professional athlete it may have taken me less. 

Whether you want to be a professional athlete or not the point is “the Thresholds” exist in all areas of our life beyond the gym. Many of you begin to get close to success in business then fear or some other emotion gets in and you slow down. Many of you get close to that relationship success but then you give up. In today’s world I see lots of people who work for numerous corporate companies and as they become closer to promotions and raises they end up leaving. 

That “Threshold” applies to everywhere and until you can begin to recognize it then it will work against you. Begin to look at your fitness life and watch how you think you can do a certain number of reps, weight, or time BUT if you gave it that small push you may have been able to do more. We all think we have a certain level of potential but the fact is there is MUCH more than we even know. 

Begin to pay attention to different areas of your life and see how you can break through that Threshold for more success in 2016. 

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