Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.

This guys perception of health is a big problem in our country

The other night I went to a party the acupuncturist had down the hall from my office. The party was a grand opening for their new Atlanta facility. The guests included some of their patients, family, friends, neighbors, and other healthcare providers. They had tea to drink, healthy food, and chairs set up so the scene would be social with people interacting.

I began talking to a gentleman who was a neighbor of ours in the building, and he asked me about acupuncture as he knew nothing about it. I told him I have been receiving acupuncture treatments Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.once a month for over a year, and it helps to relax my body. I have a very active and hectic lifestyle with running my own business and working out 6 days a week. The goal of acupuncture is to keep my energy balanced, and from what I have read and studied, acupuncture is meeting its needs.

He then wanted to know if I had noticed any tangible changes, and I told him no. I told him I never had any symptoms or problems going on, but I went to be preventive so symptoms and decreased health do not show up. This concept completely shook up everything he thought about health, as he had the perception of only seeing healthcare practitioners when you have symptoms. His thought process was to see an acupuncturist when you NEED something that is showing up as a result of decreased health. His reality was seeing a doctor when you hurt or were already expressing symptoms.

Unfortunately, I find this thought process true for most people, as the thought of seeing healthcare providers while being “healthy” is a hard pill to swallow. We have been engrained to only go somewhere when we are feeling bad. My approach is instead to use what I call Lifestyle Doctors who are there to support you regularly and keep you away from traditional doctors’ offices.

My follow-up question to him was if he takes fish oil, and he replied yes. I asked him why he takes fish oil. He said because his doctor tells him it is good for his heart. I asked him if he felt any different. He said no. I said, my point is I do a lot of things for myself not because I have pain or symptoms but because I know how good being proactive is for my life. I also take fish oil and other supplements but feel no different from taking them. I do these things because I know it is the right thing to do and I have no clue where my body would be had I never take those pills or been to an acupuncturist.

I hope one day people can wake up and realize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The investments we make early on in our healthcare will provide much higher returns than any stock, 401K, or real estate property.

The most common comments I hear when talking to my patients over 60 are:
1) I wish I met you sooner and 2) how come by doctor never told me this.

Nobody comes to a Lifestyle Doctor happy that they waited many years before realizing how healthy they can be.


Nature always wins…Do you have trust in it?

As many of you may be aware of by now, my wife and I are expecting our first child on January 17th. It’s extremely exciting, and through this process, there is so much I have learned about the body and the more I have learned the more I realize I must have trust in the natural processes of the body. I have always been someone to trust my body and the symptoms or challenges it experiences, but the true test happens once another living being is relying on and developing within you or someone you love. The amount of trust you have in the body and living naturally becomes challenged even more.

Spend 2 minutes and watch this short video:


This video shows the miracle of life and the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. It fascinates me that each trimester we get a new video and the chance to see how nature develops and makes no mistakes. Everything in nature happens for a reason, and watching your own child form should give you the faith you need to keep trusting your body and knowing that it makes NO mistakes. Even if you don’t have a pregnant wife or you’re not pregnant, these videos are so powerful in restoring the faith that our own inborn intelligence is much smarter than any doctor with any degree.

I bring this point up because many people in our society are dealing with lots of lifestyle problems such as: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, type 2 diabetes, and the list could go on.

These symptoms those people are going through are nature’s way of adapting and trying to correct itself. What we collectively do is, instead of asking the WHY we focus on the HOW. How can I get rid of my symptoms? We don’t look into our inborn intelligence and ask, “Why is this happening or why am I dealing with these symptoms?”

When I was listening to Howard Stern the other day, he actually made a very educated point to say that Earth will never go away. The Earth will always correct itself and nature will always adapt to the stressors that man places upon it. The Earth will be here forever, but what will disappear is man, and over time the Earth will find a way to correct itself and bring balance back to the World. Of course. in the situation the sun dies out or a black hole sucks us away this changes everything but for the most part mother earth will find a way to restore itself.

Some of you may be reading this and it may sound too heady, but I really want you to think deeply about this topic.

For example: 

Obesity is not a problem. Yes, obesity is not a problem. Obesity is usually a symptom of the body adapting to either chemical, physical or emotional stress. A person may experience some form of stress and the body adapts by creating fat cells or tissues around the body to protect it. Usually, with people who have abdominal fat this is due to increased cortisol levels but there is a reason (usually stress induced) that the cortisol has built up.

Blood pressure is not a problem. Blood pressure is usually a symptom of a stressed out life where the body is adapting. If I was being chased by a tiger, then my blood pressure would rise because it detects stress. This is, in fact, very intelligent of my body so it can get me away from this tiger as fast as possible. The problem is that most of us live a life stuck in this state of stress; so our blood pressure never goes down, leading to other symptoms such as: cholesterol, depression, digestion, etc. SO is the goal to reduce blood pressure or is to find out the WHY you have high blood pressure?


Picture from Victoria on My Mini-Moon

Orca whales that die younger in captivity and become aggressive is not by accident. Orca whales are designed to swim in pods and travel great distances not be stuck in swimming pools. They are designed to move freely and chase after fish. It is not a  coincidence that the ones in captivity become sicker and live shorter lives.

My goal in writing about this topic is to begin having you think more about your life, your child’s life, how you take care of your body, and how you treat OUR world. Putting food in your body that is not derived from nature and that has been over-processed by man will not lead to a quality life with longevity. Treating animals with disrespect and supporting places like aquariums, Sea Worlds, or other places that use animals for show also affects our eco-system. The life-span of these animals in the wild is much longer as they are living with nature and letting nature control the outcome of their life. Moving freely and being active is part of who we are as animals and sitting all day in front of a computer and not getting   outside is not living with nature. When we go against nature, our bodies detect stress and this is where all of these symptoms arise.

Have faith in your body and have faith in nature and the rest will work itself out.

What Bears Do That Humans Don't

What Bears Know That Humans Don’t

What Bears Do That Humans Dont

Humans are out of tune with this BUT bears are very in tune with this

The other day I was on a flight back from Los Angeles to Atlanta and fortunately they put us on the 777. I love this plane because not only is it massive but they offer complimentary movies. Usually when i fly internationally this is my opportunity to catch up on all movies I have recently missed. For example, when we went to Italy in June 2014, I watched 8 movies total on the trip.

On this flight I decided I was going to watch the Disney movie Bears, as I am a huge supporter of animals living in their wild habitat. What always fascinates me about animals living in the wild is their ability to adapt to the environment and how they interact with each other.

The movie Bears follows a mother bear and her 2 cubs as they leave hibernation and make it down the mountain for survival. Roughly 50% of all cub bears make it to an adult and it is inspiring to watch how this mother wards off prey, fishes for her cubs, milks them, teaches them life principles, and helps them grow into their own skin. A cub bear stays with it’s mother for 2 years before it goes off on it’s own and these bears are very territorial so survival is challenging.

Key Ingredient to Recognize in Bears

What these bears are in tune with that many humans are not is their innate intelligence. These bears have instincts and inborn intelligence similar to humans but bears are more likely to act upon it and follow this intelligence. Humans, on the other hand, follow more of an educated mind thinking they know everything there is to know about health and their body instead of trusting our own innate, like bears do.

For example, when I was watching the movie Bears, these bears innately know when to hike up the mountain every fall to hibernate for the Winter months. Bears know once hibernation is over how to get down to the stream and know when salmon will be in the waters. They were given a powerful sense of smell and some scientists estimate they can smell as far as 18 miles. They use this smell for many reasons but when salmon is low or not migrating they head to the beach in Alaska and dig for clams buried deep in the sand. They will rub plants over their body which will act as a natural bug repellent and they will eat volcanic ash to kill any intestinal parasites. The bottom-line is these animals are very in tune with their innate and follow it to their advantage.

How Do We Fail With This as Adults

As described above bears and humans both have an intelligence that runs them but where are the differences.

  1. A human gets a fever and what do we automatically run to: medicine cabinet for fever medicine.
  2. A human has acid reflux from eating like garbage and what do we do: take acid reflux
  3. A human has trouble sleep and what do we do: take sleeping medicine
  4. A human has a baby and what does it do: puts them in walking assistance or bouncing devices to help them walk quicker
  5. A human has a baby and what does it do: feeds them formula filled with high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified soy, and other chemicals to “assimilate” a mother’s breast milk.

These are only 5 of thousands of examples I could give to demonstrate how we go against our bodies innate and ability to want and need to adapt to the World.

Is anyone wrong in this situation? No! Most people think that the above examples are doing good for themselves and their children. I know any parent would want only the best for their child and family which is why I had to come out and get this blog started.

Let’s take a look at the above and see how innate intelligence is working:

  • Body gets fever – Innate intelligence detected a foreign bacteria so it elevates temperature to destroy this bacteria as it can only survive in low temperature environments. Is there a point at which medicine may be necessary, yes. However most of the time fever is our body expressing innate intelligence and working to adapt.
  • Acid Reflux – Innate intelligence detected food that body does not recognize so it works to expel this.
  • Trouble Sleeping – Innate intelligence detects the body is still in a sympathetic state and does not think it is time to fall asleep. This can happen through low melatonin as well which can be increased naturally by training the body when it needs to be in sympathetic (daytime) and when it needs to shut down to parasympathetic (nighttime).
  • Baby walking – When a baby is born it is born with a C-shaped spine known as the primary curve. As it ages it begins to naturally lift its head up to build the secondary curve in the neck. Soon it will build enough strength in this neck you will not need to hold it up anymore when you hold your child. Not far from this your baby will begin crawling to develop the secondary curve in the lower back. As this keeps developing it will begin to become erect and stand up with assistance and soon little to no assistance. By forcing it to stand or walk early we don’t allow for proper development of the secondary curves leading to future spinal or health issues.
  • Baby formula – Babies from humans are no different than any other baby from another animal as they must have breast milk. Also, most animals breastfeed for more than 1-3 months which is why some other animals have healthier children than human babies dependent on formula. Yes, some women cannot produce breast milk but there are alternatives to breast milk that do not include chemically induced formulas.