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The 2 most important days of your life!

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

None of us can remember the day we were born, even though it represents 50% of the most important days of our life, but hopefully, the other 50% is a day you will never forget.

This “day” represents the reason why you may have been put on this Earth, and whatever that reason is, it something you should keep working to get better at every day.

The reason I am bringing this topic up, and why the quote resonated with me, is because this “day” feels as if it’s getting closer. As life has progressed and the years have gone by, it seems that every few years I hit that “day”where I found out why I think I am here.

In 2005, I thought it was the day I received my first chiropractic adjustment and shadowed Dr. Grossman, which inspired me to become a chiropractor. I now wake up every day feeling excited to improve lives through chiropractic and leave every night feeling fulfilled about the changes that occurred throughout the day.308428_862461628034_4749992_n

In 2007, I thought it was the day I met at a restaurant the woman who is now my wife and who has become the greatest complement and partner in my life. It is amazing how someone so different yet so similar can be such a huge drive for me and can be someone who I would do anything in my life for.

And now, in 2015, I am only days away from the point when my first child comes to this Earth and becomes part of my family. To me, this may be the moment and day when I realize my “why”for being put on this Earth. The excitement of creating an extension of yourself and your loved one, and bringing this person to the world, is something that is driving me more than anything. In 2005 and 2007, I thought those were the days when I found my “why,”but now I am emotional just thinking about this moment that is only a couple days away.

There are so many things I am excited for about having my daughter, but the most important thing I look forward to is being a leader and mentor to her as she grows in this world and sees how amazing it is. Opportunities and experiences are abundant, and my vision for her is that she will see it all, while somehow leaving her own legacy and making an impact.

As I type this, she is rolling, pushing, and kicking in my wife’s belly, excited to join all of us in this world.

For me, this day will be the one when I find out my “why,”and I am committed more than anything to being the best father any child could ask for.

Besides your birth, what was the 2nd most important day of your life, the day you found out your “why”?



This equation will make your resolutions come true..

An Equation To A Successful Resolution: VALUE (S) + RESOLUTION (S) = SUCCESScore-values

As we are only a few days into the New Year, many people have begun to take on their infamous resolutions and goals. Every year, millions of people create resolutions and if we took a glance at the percentage of people that accomplished their resolutions that number would most likely be pretty low. I am not saying this to be negative but to be factual, and help you break through the barriers of getting the results you need in 2015.

If you have already created your resolutions, then great!  But, I want you to do a re-evaluation on them to see if they fit “you”. The reason why most peoples resolutions fail is because, the goals they created do not match their values as a human and there becomes a huge disconnect.  Thus, this is why 80% of the people that join a gym in January quit by February.  Also, this is why people who are single resolute to going on weekly dates, end up stopping this after a few weeks. It all comes down to values!

If you want to achieve the resolutions you created,  follow the next steps:

1)    Review the values list

2)    Pick your top 20

3)    Narrow down to 10

4)    Narrow down to 5

Now that you have this list, then look at your resolutions and see if the values parallel with those resolutions

My top 5 are: 1) Personal Health 2) Family 3) Personal Growth 4) Professionalism 5) Friendshi

For example, health is my highest value and ranks number 1 on my list. I believe that if I do not have my health, then I have nothing! The more health I have, then the more I can play with my kids, be there for my family, be a great chiropractor, and connect even stronger to my other values. Since health is my highest value, then it would make no sense for me to create other resolutions above that, because health will always win. If I create a goal of hanging out with friends every Saturday night but Sunday I have a long workout or competition, then guess what will take precedence? Most likely, I will skip hanging out with friends to get extra sleep for my workout or competition because health is higher on my values than friendship. However, friends ranks number 5 on my values list, so it is something I appreciate and am fulfilled when I hang out with friends. This is why a realistic resolution for me as far as friendship is to “have lunch with 1 friend every week”.

There are no right or wrong answers to this list as everyone is different, which is what makes this  world exciting! I know some people that put family or friendship as number 1 and health is not even on their list. This list is personal, so do it based on what you think is right and not what anyone else will think about your list.

This year my top resolution is to have 1 social encounter with a friend each week. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks but getting together and incorporating more friendship will be very important to me in creating an amazing 2015. Also, since my highest value is health, then usually when I workout I always invite a friend to either run or bike with me so I can fulfill 2 values at the same time.

If health is not on your values list and you want to workout by yourself 5 days a week, and eat paleo, then usually that is a failure waiting to happen. However, if family is your number 1 priority, then how can you incorporate family to exercising or eating better?

This post could be confusing for someone who may not understand incorporating values and resolutions, and if so, then please post your comments below. My goal is that everyone who follows this blog will achieve their resolutions on December 31, 2015.



I agree…CrossFit is a cult

Every day I hear people tell me the No. 1 reason they will not do CrossFit is because, “It’s a cult.”

The public perception is each person drinks the Kool-Aid on his or her first CrossFit visit, and is henceforth hooked for life. If you have ever met someone who does CrossFit, then you would either know it by his or her outfit or within the first three minutes of conversation. 

In fact, as someone who does CrossFit, I agree: It is a cult. 

According to the dictionary, the term “cult” means, “A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.” 1597613_10152235450224110_581203269_o

People who do CrossFit excessively admire wanting to be healthy through functional fitness and a 21st century way of thinking about their health. People who do CrossFit understand the concept of long-term commitments to health and know fad diets do not work. Many people who do CrossFit adapt a new lifestyle of eating Paleo or primal for long-term health gains. People who do CrossFit tend to do more self-care practices for prevention, such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. 

Though some may call CrossFitters “obsessed,” another way to look at it is that they’re so obsessed with their health, that they may in fact be making our country healthier. By staying healthy and staying away from medical doctors and pharmacies, the CrossFit-obsessed are helping to reduce our country’s healthcare expenses and keep taxes lower. 

What always confuses me about people who refer to CrossFit as a cult is: Isn’t the rest of the country a cult?

I would say more than 50 percent of our country is a cult of people who excessively admire eating food filled with sugar, processed grains and massive toxins. This cult work more than 50 hours a week and rarely gets any physical movement because after work they just sit on their couch. The people within this cult are highly reactive and wait until problems arise in their bodies before they do anything to care for them. 

If I took 100 random people out of the CrossFit Cult and 100 random people out of the Standard American Cult, I bet you would want to re-evaluate which Kool-Aid you drink and which cult to join.

As the New Year is around the corner, this is the perfect time to evaluate your health and life to see what changes you want to make. This is the time to overlook what you accomplished this year and how those accomplishments compared to the previous year.  


Find This…And You Could Live to 100

This past Thursday night, my staff and I went to Limerick Junction to watch one of our patients perform his nightly music set. He started at 9:30 PM with his warmup set, and after his break, he had a surprise none of us expected.

At 10:00 PM, he called up one of my staff members Jessica to sing the song “Hallelujah” with him and do a duet. 

Their timing, synchronicity, and vocals were so perfect, but what held my attention the most was their intention and focus while singing. I have known Jessica since September 2013, and watching her perform on Thursday night was such a proud and magical moment that I could not stop smiling. She was in her element, and you could see the aura around her and how happy this made her. For those that know Jessica, you know she is always happy in the office, as nothing raises her spirits more than providing people with higher levels of health, but this moment was different. 

This doesn’t mean she needs to retire from nutrition and focus on only singing, but it means she should at least be doing this weekly. Jessica has found something that most people have not, and this something helps people in Okinawa live to be over 100 years old. This “something” is known as her “ikigai” and is a purpose or sense of living. 

Many of us go though the motions of life and work 10-hour days, come home to dinner, watch TV, and then repeat this cycle 5 days a week. Over the weekends, many people lay around and have no sense of purpose or sense of fulfillment, which would be living out their “ikigai.”

That feeling Jessica had while singing is the same feeling I get when I workout. The rush, the high, and the feeling of just being while I run, bike, swim, or lift weights is the most amazing feeling and something I could do all day. Being physically active is my “ikigai,” and if I ever decide to retire, working out will be a much larger part of my life. For me, working out 5 days a week and doing multiple sports is the passion that creates my “ikigai.” IMG_0942

Do you experience this feeling I am talking about? Maybe it is playing a sport. Maybe it’s playing a musical instrument. Is it hanging out with your family? 

When outside of work, do you get that feeling or rush through your body that “this is perfect” and “this is who I am”?

When you find your “ikigai,” make it a point to live it out regularly, at minimum on a weekly basis. It is not coincidental that when the average American retires, they usually have 18 months to live. The reason you see so many people retire then drop dead a couple years later is because their sense of purpose or their ikigai was not met and their reason for living was gone.

Find your ikigai and live it so we can all live a long and prosperous life. 


CDC admits flu shot is less than 50% effective

“CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current virus has mutated”

This was the headline on CNN’s homepage on December 4th. 

The CDC made a monumental announcement this week, stating that the flu shot will be 50% less effective for the strain of flu going around this year. They announced that the strain in the 2014–15 season has mutated, and it would take too long to create another flu shot, which is why they are predicting this year to be the worst flu season in many years. 

Whether you take the flu vaccine every year or not is a personal choice, and I don’t really care if you do or don’t. I am not someone to judge another person because of their personal health decisions, as hopefully, you are making your own decisions based on a lot of research and education and not merely on what your parents or friends do. 

What I do care about, whether you took the flu shot or not, is that you realize that your health comes from inside of you. The greatest pharmacy in the world is inside of you and is constantly working to keep you healthy. When you become sick, your body can produce its own antibiotics to destroy bacteria. When it becomes late at night and dark outside, your body produces melatonin to help you fall asleep. When your blood sugar levels rise, your body produces insulin to normalize your blood sugar levels. 

Your medical doctor, shots, prescription drugs, and other modalities are in this world to protect you from crisis situations, and those methods do their job amazingly well. However, the only person responsible for keeping you healthy and avoiding sickness is…you!

The food you eat, thoughts you think, workouts you perform, and sleep you get are strategies you use to increase your health from the inside. People think that, because they take a shot or use prescription drugs, they are immune to illness and disease. This could not be further from the truth, as there are no guaranteed way to create immunity. 

4 simple steps people can follow to promote immunity are: 

1) Get anti-inflammatory foods into your body! 

With the holiday season here and parties and sweets all around us, it is very easy to become a sucker and succumb to that food. Those sweet treats and holiday foods weaken the immune system, making us more susceptible to sickness. 

2) Keep your spine aligned! 

Every cell, tissue, organ, and organ system is controlled by the nervous system, and misalignments, whether minor or major, can weaken our body’s ability to adapt and fight infection. Also, for those who think they can feel misalignments, this is physically impossible, as the body only shows symptoms on 10% of the nerves within the nervous system. This means you could have 89% nerve blockage and feel nothing.

3) Get moving!

Movement creates energy for our bodies and helps our body flush out any garbage that may be inside it. People who are sedentary are much more susceptible to sickness, as their cells and other systems are not functioning at higher levels. 

4) Get hydrated!

It is essential right now to make sure our body has enough fluid inside it to maintain normal levels of hydration. I also prefer to add a slice of lemon into my water with a dab of Himalayan sea salt for extra minerals. 


Living Your Life in the Holiday Spirit

Every year between Thanksgiving and New Years, I begin to observe great amounts of love and sharing during the “holiday season.” People hold doors more often for others, donate clothes and furniture to charity, volunteer at shelters, donate toys to drives, as well as do things as simple as letting people in front them while driving. When they post on social media about their heroic and humanitarian acts, they usually reference something related to “being in the holiday spirit.”

I am the biggest fan of giving back to others and am the first to acknowledge anyone being of service.

What always confuses me, though, is why we don’t live our whole lives in the “holiday spirit.” Why do we wait for a “season” to be nice to others, contribute to charities, volunteer at shelters, and make a positive impact?

It is great to help those who are in need right now during the holiday season, but their thirst for happiness, relationships, and basic needs does not take a break between January and November. In fact, many of the people at the homeless shelter who we adjust wish more people would think of them outside the seasonal months. They become highly inundated and abundant with love and care through November and December, but usually right after January, they get very lonely. When we have talked with some of the men throughout the year, they tell us they appreciate that we as a business visit regularly. We want to go and serve, making sure their bodies are well adjusted and functioning optimally year-round.431486_991311846164_161802911_n

In fact, one of my favorite days of the year is February 14th because my staff, my wife, and I go to the women’s shelter and give roses to every female. There are usually between 200–300 women, and we always make sure everyone receives a rose. Every time we have gone, there are tears of joy from the women, as our visit is generally completely unexpected.

For me, the biggest rewards are the connection to others and the ability to make someone’s day greater.

The message is we do not have to wait for the time between Thanksgiving and New Years to get into the “holiday spirit” and bring joy to someone’s day. The “holiday spirit” should live with us 365 days a year and always be the forefront of the decisions we make to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

I would really appreciate if you could post in the comments section about what you do to live in the holiday spirit.


How to get your family protected in case something happens

If something unfortunately tragic happened to you or your significant other, what would happen then? 

If you handled all the finances and accounts for the household, who would your surviving relatives call and what would they do. Do they even know all of the accounts you have open and who to contact for access?keep-calm-and-protect-family

A couple of years ago, my wife asked me a very solid question that made me think. She said, “If something were to happen to you, I would not know who to call or what would happen for me to get access to any of your accounts. I don’t even think I know all the accounts you have.”

When she said this, it made me think, if G-d forbid, something were to happen to me, then the last thing I would want to happen to her is to stress about figuring out our accounts, my business, and everything else. 

I decided to create a document that, if something happened to me, then she could take this document and give it to my brother so he could execute it. The document has every account, my social, account user names, account passwords, and who to contact. The document was set up so that, in the unfortunate situation of me passing, then the stress of her dealing with anything business or financial related will be stress free. 

I printed 2 copies of this document, and I even have it on a USB flash drive, which I update at the end of every year with new accounts, new passwords, etc. I don’t keep any of these documents in my house, and the drive is stored at a bank so if our house were to burn down today, then I would still have access to this drive and the documents. 

Here is an example of what the document looks like so you can create your own so your family would be protected in the case of an emergency. 



Business – If something were to happen to me, please contact XXXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX and tell him the situation. He knows I would only want the best of the best chiropractor to buy the practice so my patients can continue their care knowing the best person is coming in. He will help with a price for the practice and take care of the rest. 

Also, please contact our lawyer XXXXXX at 123-456-7890 to execute the Power of Attorney. If you cannot reach this attorney then call XXXX at 123-456-7890

Financial Accounts – 

Call our accountant XXXX XXX at 123-456-7890 and let him know the situation. Tell him you are getting access to all of my accounts and updating the banks about my passing.

Personal Checking – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Personal Savings – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Business Checking – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Business Savings – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX


Name –
Contact –
Business 401K – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
SEP IRA – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
JOINT STOCKS – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX

Mortgage – – 1234456789 – Amount due as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Auto – – 1234456789 – Amount remaining as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX

Company –
Name –
Contact –
Whole Life Insurance – Policy #123456789 – Death Benefit = $
Term Insurance – Policy #123456789 – Death Benefit = $
Auto Insurance – Policy #123456789
Home – Policy #123456789
Disability – Policy #123456789

Cohen Personal – CC# – 1234-56789-1222
Austin Business –  CC# – 1234-56789-1222
Shira Business –  CC# – 1234-56789-1222


Health Insurance vs Medical Insurance – Two different products with two different goals

A key question I get from people daily is why their insurance does not cover chiropractic. I have to explain high deductibles and high co-pays on a daily basis, and I also add that their medical insurance is truly designed for the medical world. 

Medical insurance is something my wife and I pay $145 a month for, with an $8,000 deductible, and it’s something I hope to never use. 

I don’t consider it “health insurance”because my Humana card does not keep me healthy or prevent disease and illness. If I break a bone, develop an illness, or get extremely sick, then my medical insurance is there to save me from the outrageous and growing cost of medicine. My medical doctors are excellent providers and are there for crisis intervention.   

My health insurance is the expense I have every month that allows me to maintain high levels health while staying in great physical shape. Doctors are always amazed by my health “for my age” because my medical numbers are well above normal: bone scans are extremely strong; body fat is very low, and VO2 max is high. This happens because my wife and I get that, in order to STAY healthy, we need to invest in ourselves: chiropractic adjustments, massages, acupuncture, whole food supplements, organic nutrition, and functional fitness. chiro-health-insurance

You have to shift your mindset NOW if you want to be healthy in the future and realize that your medical insurance is there for medical interventions and that your health insurance, which is the expenses to keep you healthy, is a separate entity from your medical insurance. Each has a goal and serves a purpose, but blending the two and thinking your medical insurance is a credit card that will keep you healthy is a sentence waiting to go down the medical disease model. 

Before anyone starts to say “Well, I don’t have that kind of money,” then let’s look at your entertainment, cable, restaurant, alcohol, retail, and travel bills. I get that it would be expensive for some people to afford every health service, but most of the time it comes down to values. For example, my wife and I recently found $60 a month we were wasting on cable TV and $29 a month we were wasting on our phone bill. Some people value having DVR, HD TV, shopping, flat screens, traveling, going out to eat, and drinking alcohol more than they do investing in their health. For us, we prefer to invest our hard-earned dollars on health insurance; then, anything left goes into the fun and entertainment.

Your health insurance is an investment that will provide significant returns, but your medical insurance is an expense that hopefully you will never use. 

Here is an example of my health insurance vs. my medical insurance: 

$145 month – Humana                                   $150 – Crossfit membership

$175 – Chiropractic (weekly adjustments)

$70 – Acupuncture      

$100 – Massage

Varies based on what we get – Organic food


3 Strategies on Getting Better Sleep

For athletes and people who workout regularly, sleep is a crucial part of recovery and getting your body to perform better. Some of the greatest athletes average between 10–12 hours per night for recovery, as this is one of the greatest things for staying healthy. Our body exerts a massive amount of energy when doing endurance training or crossfit, which is why guys like Roger Federer and Lebron James get 12+ hours each night. If you’re not getting at least 8 hours each night, then use these 3 steps below, but keep in mind, if you are limited in sleep, then when you workout, you increase your risk of injury. It would be wise to keep track of your sleep and know that, if you have missed a good night’s rest for two nights in a row, then taking a day or two off from the gym would be an intelligent decision. 

1) Black Out Your Room 

* Do exactly what this sounds like! Blackout your room so NO light is entering your eyes. Make sure your alarm clocks, cable boxes, house alarm, and other devices are covered in black tape so no light enters your eyes, as it could negatively affect your sleep. When our body detects light in the eyes, it blocks the release of melatonin, which is the hormone that puts us to sleep. This is smart of the body, as it does not want us to sleep when it’s light outside, but in today’s technology-driven world, small LED lights are everywhere. A trick I use is putting black electrical tape over the small lights so it blocks the light from shining in my eyes, and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of my sleep since implementing blackouts. 

2) Use a Pillow Between Your Legs

* For those looking to get the best sleep with proper biomechanics, then sleeping with a firm pillow between the legs helps to stabilize the pelvis. When many of us side sleepers sleep without a pillow between our legs, the hips rotate towards the mattress, and our body is in a rotated position. This jeopardizes the spine and puts it in compromising positions. This is especially not smart, as 33% of your life is spent sleeping, so you may want to consider doing it right, as usually another 30% of people’s lives are spent in front of a computer, in another weak posture. Grab a firm memory foam pillow and put it between the legs to keep your body stable without jeopardizing the rotation of your spine and pelvis. 

3) Get the Right Hours

* This concept dates back to the paleolithic days but is important when wanting an optimal quality of life and optimal training. Typically in the summer months, the days are longer and the sun has more time, as this was the time when the hunter and gatherers would go out hunting and spend time gathering food for the winter months. In the winter, the daylight hours are shorter, as this time was meant to be used conserving energy from all the stock built up from the summer months. Our bodies are meant to follow a rhythm, and in the summer, we can go to bed later and need to wake up earlier. In the winter, it is important to try and get to bed earlier and wake up a bit later. I would say this one is the trickiest and hardest to adapt to but one of the most important as far as getting quality sleep. 


Why I Decided to Do Ironman Florida 2014

In less than 7 days, I will finally be able to say, after a 6-year journey, that, “I am an Ironman.”

You may be thinking I am crazy, and this is partly true, but my craziness comes from my willingness and desire to always be better than I was the year before.

In late 2007, as I was preparing my goals for 2008, I noticed that in 2006 I completed a marathon and hadn’t done any competitions since. Completing that feat was a huge victory for me, as doing 26.2 miles was something I never could have imagined doing when I was in my late teens or early 20s. That same year, I had many other victories in my personal life and knew recommitting to another goal could help make 2008 a great year.

As I was looking into 2008, I knew something was going to have to be different and I was going to have challenge myself again, as this would be the year I would graduate chiropractic school and soon open my business. When I challenged myself beyond what I thought possible and committed to accomplishing this goal, all areas of my life tended to rise as well. I decided in October 2008 that I would do the Lake Lanier Sprint Triathlon. I didn’t own a bike nor have I even ridden one since; also, I was a teenager, and swimming in open water was not on my radar. As the months would go on and I would begin training, I saw how possible this feat was going to become, and soon it became a reality. On October 5, 2008, in a time of 1:19:00, I finished my first triathlon.

The feeling and excitement of tackling this feat was huge, and being a Type A personality, I knew that I would have to keep challenging myself with triathlons. In 2009, I completed an Olympic triathlon; in 2012, I completed a half-Ironman, and on Saturday, November 1, I will be competing and finishing up the final of the triathlon series – a full Ironman.

I register for these races not because I am addicted to them but because a quote I heard a long time ago has been the guiding light in my life. A mentor once said, “How you do anything in life is how you do everything in life.” This quote goes with me throughout the day, and the commitment I have put into imagestraining and the disciple to train long hours has not only improved my personal life but has also taken my professional life to new heights. When I compare my life year to year, I want to make sure that I am a better human and accomplishing more every year. I used to be a person who compared himself to other people and got jealous of other people’s successes. Fortunately, at an early age, I realized that the only person I could and would compare myself to was the me of the year before.

When you show up in life and do one thing 100%, then this overflows and shows up in other areas of your life at 100%. When I would be on a 60-mile bike ride, it was easy to say, “I’ve done 55 miles, that’s good enough,” but then I would think where else in my life was I stopping short and not giving it my all; then that would push me to complete the 60 miles.

Take out your goals from last year, and if you didn’t write them out, then you may want to start there. Look at them and see what you can set for next year to challenge yourself, something that right now may not seem possible. It doesn’t have to be a race, but for me, exercise is my therapy, so challenging myself in this department works the best. In my goals, I ALWAYS want to have something every year that pushes me and makes me be my best.

I would love to hear what you are committing to, to help you breakthrough and reach new levels for the new year.