3 Steps for More Money in the Bank

“We can’t afford that.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

These are examples of quotes many of you may have heard growing up from your family. When you wanted something, they would say one of those 2

Unfortunately, these quotes have created and developed a poverty consciousness in your mind, and to this day, you use that language and live that life. Before I even move along, I should say that there are people who are millionaires with poverty mindsets and people who are poor with prosperity mindsets. How much money is in your bank account should not be the factor that determines whether you have a poverty or prosperity consciousness.

However, the most successful people I know in life have a prosperity mindset, and the way they think is different than the status quo. I want to share 3 strategies you can use to begin creating a prosperity mindset and getting yourself out of that poverty state.

1)    Fill Up the Gas Tank When It’s Half Empty

I get on my wife about this on a regular basis, as she, like most people, waits until the gas light comes on before she fills up the car. People who have a prosperity mindset, fill it up when it’s still half full or a 1/4 tank is left. People with a prosperity mindset think abundantly and do this proactively.

2) Wash Your Clothes Before You’re Out of Underwear

Many people wait until they are on their last set of underwear before they do laundry. I have even heard of some people who say, “I know it’s time to do laundry when I wear my underwear inside out.” People with a prosperity mindset do their laundry WAY before they are out of clothes to wear. People with a prosperity mindset never wait until the last minute to do things, since by that point, it is already too late. Can you start to see how people with a prosperity mindset think and do things different in ALL areas of their life?

3) Tip the Valet More

In 2009, I went to a fancy steak house to celebrate my 1st month opening my business. I remember handing the valet guy a $5 bill and asking for $3 change. That Friday when I called my business coach and told him what happened, he said, “From here on out, you will tip valet guys $5. I know it will seem like a stretch, but it will train your mind to think more abundantly and more about prosperity.” Even though money was very tight in that first year, I listened to him, and my mind is at a whole new level now as far as finances. I now know that, the more I give, the more that will come back to me tenfold.

I want you to utilize these steps regularly for the rest of 2015, and let me know how your life changes. Creating a prosperous and abundant life is a journey and comes with a lot of reprogramming.

However, I can assure you that the more you integrate these steps, and many of others I have to share in my Monday Morning Motivations and Webinars, then the greater will be the life you lead.

Be awesome!


Every rep and every meter can transform your life

I am a huge believer in the philosophy of how you do one thing in your life is how you do everything in your life.

My friends who are late to events or meetings tend be procrastinators and late at making decisions. My friends that are early for meetings tend to be decisive and highly action oriented.

My friends who have over 1,000 e-mails in their inbox tend to have a lot of clutter in their lives. When I talk with different CEOs of large companies the one thing they always say is how their inboxes tend to be in the single digits. One of the first job tasks in my office as an employee is that you clean out your email inbox and click ‘unsubscribe’ from the first 500 emails you get in the morning that you’ll never read. This creates more space in their lives, leaving an opportunity for more success to fill.

How does this apply to you at the gym?

When I was swimming the other day I was scheduled to swim 2500 meters. When I got to 2200, I thought, do I really need that extra 300 since the race is 6 months away? Right when I said that I caught myself and knew I had to finish that 300 simply because if I were to quit early, then where else in life am I quitting early? Where else in my life am I giving up before I finish the task? A lot of us are usually so close to success but we stop right before we see the light and hit that pinnacle.

When I do Crossfit and the workout is to complete a certain number of reps in a time frame, the notion of ‘taking it easy’ can set in. For example, the workout would be, in 20 minutes, how many rounds can you get of ‘5 push-ups, 10 pull-1891348_10152235454154110_821949960_oups, 15 squats’? Usually in a Crossfit workout you are given a certain number of reps to complete as quickly as possible. For example, the workout above would be, how fast can you complete 3 rounds of 5 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 15 squats? This style makes you move fast so you can finish the workout earlier. If there is a timed workout, such as the 20-minute workout, then regardless of how fast everyone goes, everyone is still finishing at the same time. This style can make it easier not to push yourself. While doing these I always think to myself, if I don’t push myself 100% here then where else in my life am I not pushing 100%?

Look at your life and how you act in the gym when it comes to pushing yourself, as well as completing the whole workout.

Are you sandbagging the workout like you typically do? Are you not pushing yourself harder and staying inside the comfortable status quo?

OR are you pushing yourself to be the BEST like you do in all areas of life and becoming the winner you know you can be?


Know Derrick Coleman and You’ll Be Motivated

They told his parents their son would never hear again…and their son became a starting fullback for the Seattle Seahawks. 

* I love reading motivational stories and learning about people that are doing things they didn’t think were possible. 

* I love seeing people push themselves beyond what they think is possible and making it possible. 

* I love when people don’t listen to the excuses of the status quo and take their life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Derrick Coleman from the Seattle Seahawks is one of those guys who have significantly inspired me.

As a toddler, he was diagnosed with a hearing impairment and could only hear with hearing aids in his ears. When he was growing up people would bully Derrick_Coleman_Seahawks_2013him calling him ‘four ears’. Derrick may not be able to hear through his ears, but he can read lips and understands what people say without them using their voice. 

This talent and skill are what has made Derrick not only a stand-out high school football player, college stud at UCLA, and NFL superstar but an amazing person at heart. 

One of my favorite stories I hear about Derrick is how when the Seattle offense calls an audible, he asks the quarterback to turn around and tell him so he can read his lips.

The truth is we all have handicaps, some not as big as Derricks, yet Derrick is able to live a more successful than most. Not only financially, but he has found his passion in life and gets to live it every day, which is how I define success. 

Some of us have small handicaps in life and limitations YET we use them as a disadvantage and don’t create the life we want. We complain about our finances, jobs, relationships, and the list could go on, yet we don’t take our life into our own hands and make it happen. 

Derrick is the prime example of someone who used limitations as an inspiration for his to create the best life ever. Even to this day, Derrick says he is blessed with the life he was given and wouldn’t trade it in for the World. 

My question is, how can one guy who is deaf be in the starting lineup for an NFL Super Bowl team? How some of us with none or minor handicaps be unhappy and not fulfilled in our lives? 

Derrick never made his handicap an excuse and only used his passions and determination to succeed in his life. 

Find out what your passions are and do whatever it takes to live the dream you were meant to live. I only want the best for all of you which is why I write with such passion and have created so many opportunities to help you create the life you were destined to live. 

DO NOT read this article, get inspired, and then do nothing! 

Read this and take action for your life! 

If you need help, then be on my free monthly webinars. The next one is March 18th at 8:30 PM –

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You Can Afford ANYTHING You Want

The oncologist tells you, “You have cancer and it will be $40,000 for treatment.”

Will you somehow find $40,000 for the treatment? Of course!

Whether you have to work three jobs, take out a loan, borrow money from friends, do an online campaign, host a fundraiser, or any other means – somehow you will find a way to afford the treatment, at all costs. 

Why? Because you value your life!

If I told you that it would be $4,000 for an all-inclusive trip to South Africa, then what would you say? Most people would say “I can’t afford that.”what_do_you_want_5310915_lrg

Somehow they will find a way to afford $40,000 to save their life but can’t afford $4,000 for a trip.

Why? Because it goes back to values. Could they really afford the $4,000 trip? Yes, if they cancelled cable, didn’t eat out, worked another job then they could afford it. 

The language of “afford”and “not afford”that we tell ourselves all comes down to our values. 

Then why do people make the statement at least once a day, “I can’t afford that”? 

Ready for a dose of reality? They say this because we have this thought ingrained in our culture that it is okay to use certain excuses without being called out or judged. If one of my friends says ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘I am too busy’ or ‘I don’t have enough time’, then they will immediately get called out. They know I will not allow them to make those excuses because the more we make those comments then the more they come true. My friends and I like to hold each other accountable for what we say and if I make one of those comments then I hope I get called out as well. 

The more we say, “I can’t afford that”then the more we focus on our perceived lack of wealth. This results in a mindset of poverty.  Conversely, when we focus on what we value with our money instead of making excuses, we can develop a mindset of prosperity.  

If you have been following my blog then you know that I believe in the power of abundance.  I also know that people can have a prosperity mindset no matter how much money is in the bank account. 

From here on out, quit saying you can’t afford things because you can.  It’s time to start being honest with yourself. For example, I COULD afford to buy club level season tickets to the Atlanta Hawks BUT I don’t value this enough to pay for it. 

Daily we are presented with opportunities to buy things and whether we buy or not will always come down to OUR values. 

STOP saying you can’t afford things and confront the fact that you don’t value those things enough to find a way to afford them. We need to stop making excuses and become honest with ourselves and our values.  Only then can we realize the abundance already around us.


The Number 1 Lesson I Have Learned From Being a Dad

I wanted to wait a little while before I wrote about my experience of being a new father, and I finally now feel the time is right. 

Harlow Winter Cohen was born on January 29th, 2015, and since that moment, my life has changed, and who I am as a human has changed. 

I thought I was certain I had reached the pinnacle of love when I went to chiropractic school, graduated, and then opened my practice.

I thought I knew what love was, and I thought I was happy when I met and then married my wife.

I can now say that on January 29th, 2015, I know what absolute love is, and it’s amazing how every day love grows even more. 

The lesson and the challenge that has been given to me over the past couple weeks is creating a new balance in my life, without forcing me to give up the things I value. IMG_0117

Before I was married, I would work out when I wanted, eat dinner when and with whom I wanted, and would be able to do anything I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. 

Once I got married, I had to find a balance between working out, sharing meals with my wife, and doing more things as a couple than I was used to. My wife would tell you, and it is the truth, that she is my most favorite person in the world to hang out with, but balancing the 24 hours was a real challenge for me. It took roughly a year (my wife would say more), but finding the balance between being at the office, working out, and being with her became simpler as time passed. 

Before January 29, 2015, I was working out every night after work training for Ironman competitions, followed by dinner at 9:00 PM, and then asleep right at 10:00 PM. I would spend my Tuesday mornings and Friday’s at Octane coffee writing blog posts, performing webinars, meeting with clients, and doing anything possible to achieve my mission, which is making an impact on the life of every single person I encounter and leave this world a better place for my children’s generations. 

Did I stop working out, quit my blog, or slow down on the mission like many said would happen once I had a kid? No! 

Would that have been easy to do and use the baby excuse? Yes!

I adapted and have completely had to change my schedule and find a new balance of life. I find myself waking up earlier to workout because the last thing I want to do at night is take time away from my family. My webinars and blog post times have changed to when I work on them and are now done while Harlow is sleeping, which cannot be scheduled anymore. Instead of going to Octane on Tuesday and Fridays, I am making my own tea and hanging out with my wife and daughter those days. 

Does having a kid mean your life is over and you have to quit everything? Absolutely not! 

For me, it meant a new life began, and finding the balance and learning to adapt has been the lesson but also the greatest gift of all time. I may not be perfect at it yet, BUT my commitment is to finding the balance to integrate all areas of my life in a successful manner. 

I talk to so many people who say their life shuts down when they get into a relationship or when they have a kid. They stop doing the things they enjoyed and become very BLAH. 

I know I am still working on finding that perfect balance of juggling a business, wife, child, health, and friendships, but it’s something I am committed to and actively working on daily. 

How did your life change when YOU got a new job, started a relationship, had a child, or moved to a new city? 

What have you GIVEN up on that needs to be revived in your life and that has been missing since that transition?


2 Simple Steps to the Most Powerful Hour in Your Day

When I think of strategies and tips I can use that other people may not be utilizing to get the winner’s edge, a huge trick is using my morning hour.

The morning hour for me has become my most successful and longstanding tool, which I have used in order to help create perfect days, weeks, and years. The morning hour is the time I reflect on my goals, create strategies for the day, and visualize what I want to create and happen throughout the day.

Many people think the morning hour needs to be VERY early, around 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM, but in fact, mine doesn’t start until 6:00 AM. Also, a lot of people have the perception the morning hour needs to be exactly 60 minutes. But I know lots of successful people that do a “power half hour” or “power fifteen.” The key is to take ANY amount of time to strategize and create your day instead of letting the day create you.

On March 18th at 8:30 PM, at our next Ordinary to Extraordinary session, I will be giving more strategies, but for now I want you to focus on one step that is blocking out that morning. Decide when you will do your morning hour and start creating rituals within that time-frame. This way you can start building a new pattern for yourself and developing new habits. The link to register for the next webinar is:

The other step I would want you to start working on is reviewing your goals in the morning. This way you can begin getting those goals anchored into your subconscious mind so they can begin to come true.

If you need help creating goals based on YOUR values, then watch February’s “Ordinary to Extraordinary” webinar – We had over 200 people live on the call, and with all the new goals and vision people have created for their life, the results have been impressive and surprising.



Determine the Greatest Moments in Your Life and Live Those Daily

On Tuesday, February 10th, at 8:30 PM, I will be sharing 5 steps towards living a greater life of fulfillment and happiness. 

Click Here to Register

For almost a decade, I have not only listened to but also integrated what some of the most successful people on the planet have done to achieve happiness. Some of these people have earned millions and some of them have no money at all, but there is a common theme among each one of my mentors: they all live life through their values. 

I have used this information year after year, and when I look back over the past 10 years of my life and see how it has changed, I couldn’t be more proud. Every year becomes greater than the year before, and my accomplishments, both personal and professional, continue to compound. This doesn’t mean I don’t have more challenges in the years ahead, as these come more frequently than some might think, but when I stay on track with my values, my world seems to open abundantly. 

The first slide on Tuesday night will look like this:  


I want to start the year off right with everyone and get you to understand that, in order for this year to be your greatest, you must live it through your values. 

The first question I will ask on Tuesday night is, “When in your life have you been and what experiences were you having when you were your happiest and most proud?” 

This question will set the tone for the evening, and from these answers and my next 4 simple steps, you will be able to live that feeling on a daily basis. Winners don’t just feel good and experience happiness a couple times a year. They remain in a state of happiness, pride, and fulfillment FOR LIFE. 

Once you know when you were your happiest, then you can make your life happen and create those moments every day!

To get the conversation started, please post in the comments some of the happiest and proudest moments you have had in your life. 


The Top 2 Lessons I Learned From My Wife’s Birthing Experience (Pictures Included)

On January 29th, I witnessed the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life and had the greatest experience, which was having our first child, Harlow Winter Cohen. In a world where the birthing experience has become so complex, it was amazing to watch the strength and will of my wife make the process so simple and natural.

The entire 5 hours she was in the hospital and birthing I could not take my eyes and ears off of her as I was mesmerized by her power and will. I learned many lessons during this process, but there were 2 big keys that stood out in particular.

1)    Creating the Dream Team in Your Life

My wife and I have stated that there is no possible way she could have done this birth naturally and without medical intervention if not for our birth team. The midwife and doula were 2 of the most amazing people I have ever encountered IMG_0024and their commitment to making Shira’s experience was motivating. The moment we checked in to the hospital and got set up in our room, the midwife and doula were turning the lights off, getting the warm water ready, getting buckets of ice water to chill towels, and making sure there was enough fluid and nutrients for Shira. If she was having difficulty in one position they would suggest another, and if they felt she needed food or water they would make sure she filled her body up with nutrition.

We all have experiences and things going on in our life, and having the right team around us is crucial. My friends who tend to accept the status quo and not challenge the people on our team usually stay stagnant and limit the possibilities they could be experiencing. I could not run my business without the all-star people on my team, my health is taken care of through an amazing team of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, fitness coaches, and nutritionists, and my finances are taken care of through elite accountants, bankers, and financial planners.

Think of the different categories in your life and assess them to see if you have the right   team of people making your life the best it can be.

2)    Not Letting Other People’s Comments Sink In

When my wife planned  her birth, which was no epidural, no Pitocin, and 100% natural, it was amazing to hear people’s limiting responses. She was so strong in her willingness not to let others affect her as people would say, “Tell me you did it natural when it’s over”, “Just remember your birth plan can change”, and “Do you know how painful this is going to be? Are you sure you want to do it natural?” It always surprised me hearing these comments as you would think people would be saying “That is so awesome you are doing that”or “I am so proud of your decision and know you will do great.”IMG_0022

While most people’s comments were not 100% encouraging, my wife did such an amazing job of dodging them and not letting them affect her. She would hear what they said in one ear and flush it out the other. She didn’t listen to the naysayers and committed herself to HER plan. It could’ve been easy for her to get stressed out with her decision and have those comments sink into her head during the birth, but she literally created a shield and blocked everything out.

When I opened my business 5 years ago I remember the same thing where people would say, “There’s too many chiropractors in Atlanta”and “The economy is at its lowest point, people can’t afford chiropractic.” I remember these comments vividly and sometimes it scared me, but like my wife, I had to brush this off and do what I knew was possible: creating a successful practice.

I dare you to take notice of what people around you are saying about your dreams and goals, and see whether you are letting it affect you or are using their comments to motivate you to move forward. There will always be energy vampires in life, but the key is simply brushing them off and making your own life happen.


My respect level for my wife has grown significantly even more than it was and I am so proud of what she has created for us. The will and power of her birth has transferred over to her mothering skills and I could not be more fortunate to be married and have a child with the most amazing woman in the world.




Why I Signed up for the Crossfit Open… and Why You Should Too

Since March 28, 2014, I have done only 4 CrossFit workouts and have barely touched a barbell. I have spent the last year training for Ironman competitions, finishing Ironman Florida in November 2014, and now training for Ironman Chattanooga in September 2015. I miss those intense CrossFit trainings but training for an Ironman has been a lifelong dream and something I needed to check off my bucket list.

Over the past couple weeks, I have been going to my CrossFit gym on Tuesday mornings and Fridays at noon. I have been spending time getting my lifting form back and working on my strength. I can assure you that, after September 2015, I will go back to CrossFit training 100%, BUT I will still register for the Open.

What is the Open, and why will I register?

The Open is a 5-week-long series where hundreds of thousands of crossfitters register for their chance to compete in Carson, California, at the CrossFit Games and win $275,000. Every 1966939_10152235454154110_821949960_nThursday night, @TheDaveCastro releases a workout, which is then immediately performed by elite athletes to show the rest of the World what is possible and the movement standards. The hundreds of thousands of people who registered have until Monday night to do the workout, have a judge count for them, and then submit their score online. 

Unlike some of my patients who I expect to spend time with in Carson in July, such as Emily Bridgers and the whole Squat Mafia crew, personally, I want to finish for me. 

I want to commit to 5 weeks to working out at an intense level while holding nothing back. I want to commit to being at my gym and getting my score in by Monday night no matter what happens in my life between Thursday and Monday. 

I want to push myself beyond the limits of what I thought possible and prove to myself that there is ALWAYS more to push for in all realms of life. 

I know that “how I do anything in life is how I do everything in life,” which is why, by committing to this and giving it my all, I will commit and give it my all in other areas of life. 

During my days leading up to my Ironman Florida competition, I was having breakthrough statistics in my chiropractic clinic, having successes in my personal relationships, and noticing abundance in many levels of life. The qualities of commitment and discipline of training for an Ironman race was blending over into other areas of my life. 

I registered for the Open because I know that committing to this and pushing myself those 5 weeks will provide other opportunities for pushing myself. 

Find something you may think is tough and will challenge you, and commit to doing it. Is it a physical challenge, a financial challenge, a relationship challenge, or is it a challenge you need to personally work on? If you need help searching for that challenge, make sure you are on the webinar call on February 10th by signing up at

For me, CrossFit is my passion and doing the Open is such a sweet challenge that I know I will show many breakthroughs. 

Between February 26th–March 30th, watch out World!!!



Why You Should Become an Undercover Boss In Your Own Life

By now I hope you have watched the motivating show “Undercover Boss,” and if not, then I highly recommend catching up. The show is about the CEOs of companies and how they pose as regular employees to see the ins and outs of the company. It gives the CEO insight into how the company not just looks on the outside but more importantly how it looks and runs on the inside. The CEO is paired up with roughly 4–5 employees of the company, and throughout the show, the CEOs hear the stories of these employees and not only the challenges they see within the company but also the sacrifices these employees make in their lives to provide for their families. At the end of the show, the CEO exposes themselves to the employees and shares with them their thoughts on the employee’s performance and character and usually rewards them significantly for their contribution.

Every time I watch this show, I always think about my business and what my employees think of working for me but also how am I treating them. Am I inspiring them to grow and expand their thinking as leaders within the community, or am I putting a ceiling on their capacity to grow? Do I listen to their ideas and make them happen, or am I only implementing my own suggestions and ideas? The health of any business comes down to the employees and not only how happy they are but also the kind of energy they are putting out everyday. UndercoverBossUS_Logo_500x281

Many of the CEOs in the show realize that for so long they have focused too much on the outside of their business and the bottom line but not so much on the core and foundation of what makes that business work. I notice when I focus my energy and attention on the inside of my practice and the people, then always the outside expands, but it’s growing from the inside out. The CEOs realize that if they were to focus more on their employees and the inside, then their numbers and image would be much more positive.

If you’re a business owner, then you need to be on my free monthly calls, with the next one on February 24th at 8:30 PM. We only have slots for 100 people, so register early at:

When it comes to your personal life, the same concept could be adopted, so you do not have to be a business owner to become an undercover boss in your life. Are you someone who cares about what people think about you on the outside? If so, then most likely you have never truly been authentic or ever been yourself. That’s reality!

When I was younger, I was definitely guilty of this, and I would do things that I thought were “cool” or say things I thought people wanted to hear. While doing this, I kept the truth of my philosophies and hid who I was as a person because I cared about what people thought.

I would go out with friends and have multiple drinks because I was nervous they would think I was not “cool” if I only had one. At this point in my life, I became passionate about healthy living, but what would people think if I drank water or if I only had one drink? Would they still want to hang out with me, or am I not being fun because I am not drinking a lot?

In 2008, I remember taking inventory of my life and looking at the people in it – the conversations I had, the places I hung out, the things I posted on social media, and how I treated others – and I realized how inauthentic I was being. I was so focused on my outer image that I never spent the time to get to know ME and work on myself to be a better version and live an awesome life.

Since then, I spend a lot of time focusing on myself and thinking of ways I can be a better person for this world, not so much from the outside but more on the inside. Recently, I have been following Robin Sharma, who has become a mentor to me in showing me strategies and tips to work on myself. In fact, a group of friends and I recently went out and not only did I have only 1 drink but even left a bit early because I wanted to wake up early and run for 2 hours. Did I care what anyone thought? Absolutely not! The last thing on my mind was what anyone was thinking and what anyone cares about my 1 drink or leaving a bit early.

If you’re tired of trying to fit in and being inauthentic, then it’s time to take inventory and become an undercover boss in your own life. Look at your relationships, habits, social media, and other avenues of your life that are important and see if those avenues are only done to feel “cool” or are really you. My Personal Development webinar on February 10th will help you uncover your highest values and how to match them with your life so you can be your own undercover boss. We only have room for 100 guests, so please register ASAP at: