Assembling Your All-Star Team for Life Dominance

Every day I get random e-mails, Facebook messages, and texts asking about things I do in my life to make it successful. People want to know how I created such great business success as well as personal success at such a young age while making it look easy. 

Each week I do roughly 4 hours of consultations with people in business, and every week the response to these questions tends to be the same. 

Becoming successful comes down to having an all-star team of people around you who take ownership of your vision. 

The Birth of My Daughter:

When my wife gave birth to our daughter, Harlow, the all-star team of Anjili (the midwife) and Shari (the doula) knew exactly what our goals were for the birth. They knew we wanted no medical intervention and wanted to treat the pregnancy and birth as the natural process it is, not a medical procedure. Anjili and Shari both became part of our vision and helped us to have such an amazing an easy birthing experience. If you want to read more about our birthing experience, I posted about it here –


Every morning when I show up to work, there are 3 people who are always there and have each been there for over a year. Jessica, Savy, and Shalonda are my 3 employees and are some of the best people in the world, with hearts full of love and service. When they came in for their interviews, they knew exactly what the vision of the practice was and bought into it. They would do anything for any patient and know the level of customer service I expect them to deliver. They show up early and don’t leave the minute we close BUT leave the minute we finish. The only reason my practice runs as efficiently as it does and is as successful as it is, is because of them. Staf

A teammate I think everyone needs that most are lacking is a business mentor. I have had the same business coach for 6 years, Rick Markson, and it has been the greatest investment I have ever made, as the returns have been exponential. I see too many people avoid hiring a business coach because of the cost, but if you gave me $1 and I could gave you $100 in return, wouldn’t you give me that $1? Of course! The investment isn’t huge, and you would be making 100x what you gave me. Hiring a business coach should be the same thing for you, and fortunately, my business coach is my life coach. 


One area of my life I pay a lot of attention to is our financial infrastructure, such as 401Ks, IRAs, investments, stocks, and all the bank accounts we have. It would be impossible for me to manage all of this myself and keep tabs on everything, which is why my all-star team of Kevin (accountant), Ashley (financial planner), and Scott (life insurance agent) take care of this aspect of my life. I look at categories in my life and say, “Is there someone that could be doing this better than me?” Once I ask this, then I find the best person for that position who understands my vision and goals and then bring them on the team. 


My health is my wealth, and to me, this is my greatest asset and a category I pay extremely close attention to. I have many players in this category that I use on a regular basis and not because I am sick or have problems BUT because I want to avoid being sick and having problems. 

My goal is to be drug-free the rest of my life without any surgeries or medical interventions, and the more players I have in this category, the higher my chances.

I have an awesome chiropractor I see every Saturday at 12:15 PM to repair my body after a long week of working out and adjusting lots of people. My massage therapist takes care of those tense muscles twice a month to break up any tight tissues. I utilize Edesia Meals on a weekly basis and order pre-made paleo food for my family to make it easy to have healthy food on the go. When I did Crossfit training, I had a coach who did my programming and put together specific workouts based on my goals, and currently, I have an Ironman coach, Bethany Rutledge, who has been helping me dominate Ironman Chattanooga 2015. Jessica Elizondo with @more_than_food is my nutrition advisor and gives me the right foods I need when I need them.  

For those that are thinking right now, “I could never afford all these people” or “I don’t have time for all of these people”, there are strategies and ways to bring these people on board low cost or at no expense. 

When your “why” becomes big enough to live an extraordinary life that makes an impact, then you will find the resources for coaches and team players, and you will find the time to make it happen. Your “why” will become so big that instead of recreating the wheel, you will want to stand on the shoulders of giants and build more success both professionally and personally. 

I would love to know what kind of players you have on your Life Team and in what categories, as the ideas we share help us all grow. 


3 Steps for More Money in the Bank

“We can’t afford that.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

These are examples of quotes many of you may have heard growing up from your family. When you wanted something, they would say one of those 2

Unfortunately, these quotes have created and developed a poverty consciousness in your mind, and to this day, you use that language and live that life. Before I even move along, I should say that there are people who are millionaires with poverty mindsets and people who are poor with prosperity mindsets. How much money is in your bank account should not be the factor that determines whether you have a poverty or prosperity consciousness.

However, the most successful people I know in life have a prosperity mindset, and the way they think is different than the status quo. I want to share 3 strategies you can use to begin creating a prosperity mindset and getting yourself out of that poverty state.

1)    Fill Up the Gas Tank When It’s Half Empty

I get on my wife about this on a regular basis, as she, like most people, waits until the gas light comes on before she fills up the car. People who have a prosperity mindset, fill it up when it’s still half full or a 1/4 tank is left. People with a prosperity mindset think abundantly and do this proactively.

2) Wash Your Clothes Before You’re Out of Underwear

Many people wait until they are on their last set of underwear before they do laundry. I have even heard of some people who say, “I know it’s time to do laundry when I wear my underwear inside out.” People with a prosperity mindset do their laundry WAY before they are out of clothes to wear. People with a prosperity mindset never wait until the last minute to do things, since by that point, it is already too late. Can you start to see how people with a prosperity mindset think and do things different in ALL areas of their life?

3) Tip the Valet More

In 2009, I went to a fancy steak house to celebrate my 1st month opening my business. I remember handing the valet guy a $5 bill and asking for $3 change. That Friday when I called my business coach and told him what happened, he said, “From here on out, you will tip valet guys $5. I know it will seem like a stretch, but it will train your mind to think more abundantly and more about prosperity.” Even though money was very tight in that first year, I listened to him, and my mind is at a whole new level now as far as finances. I now know that, the more I give, the more that will come back to me tenfold.

I want you to utilize these steps regularly for the rest of 2015, and let me know how your life changes. Creating a prosperous and abundant life is a journey and comes with a lot of reprogramming.

However, I can assure you that the more you integrate these steps, and many of others I have to share in my Monday Morning Motivations and Webinars, then the greater will be the life you lead.

Be awesome!


2 Simple Steps to the Most Powerful Hour in Your Day

When I think of strategies and tips I can use that other people may not be utilizing to get the winner’s edge, a huge trick is using my morning hour.

The morning hour for me has become my most successful and longstanding tool, which I have used in order to help create perfect days, weeks, and years. The morning hour is the time I reflect on my goals, create strategies for the day, and visualize what I want to create and happen throughout the day.

Many people think the morning hour needs to be VERY early, around 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM, but in fact, mine doesn’t start until 6:00 AM. Also, a lot of people have the perception the morning hour needs to be exactly 60 minutes. But I know lots of successful people that do a “power half hour” or “power fifteen.” The key is to take ANY amount of time to strategize and create your day instead of letting the day create you.

On March 18th at 8:30 PM, at our next Ordinary to Extraordinary session, I will be giving more strategies, but for now I want you to focus on one step that is blocking out that morning. Decide when you will do your morning hour and start creating rituals within that time-frame. This way you can start building a new pattern for yourself and developing new habits. The link to register for the next webinar is:

The other step I would want you to start working on is reviewing your goals in the morning. This way you can begin getting those goals anchored into your subconscious mind so they can begin to come true.

If you need help creating goals based on YOUR values, then watch February’s “Ordinary to Extraordinary” webinar – We had over 200 people live on the call, and with all the new goals and vision people have created for their life, the results have been impressive and surprising.



Why You Should Become an Undercover Boss In Your Own Life

By now I hope you have watched the motivating show “Undercover Boss,” and if not, then I highly recommend catching up. The show is about the CEOs of companies and how they pose as regular employees to see the ins and outs of the company. It gives the CEO insight into how the company not just looks on the outside but more importantly how it looks and runs on the inside. The CEO is paired up with roughly 4–5 employees of the company, and throughout the show, the CEOs hear the stories of these employees and not only the challenges they see within the company but also the sacrifices these employees make in their lives to provide for their families. At the end of the show, the CEO exposes themselves to the employees and shares with them their thoughts on the employee’s performance and character and usually rewards them significantly for their contribution.

Every time I watch this show, I always think about my business and what my employees think of working for me but also how am I treating them. Am I inspiring them to grow and expand their thinking as leaders within the community, or am I putting a ceiling on their capacity to grow? Do I listen to their ideas and make them happen, or am I only implementing my own suggestions and ideas? The health of any business comes down to the employees and not only how happy they are but also the kind of energy they are putting out everyday. UndercoverBossUS_Logo_500x281

Many of the CEOs in the show realize that for so long they have focused too much on the outside of their business and the bottom line but not so much on the core and foundation of what makes that business work. I notice when I focus my energy and attention on the inside of my practice and the people, then always the outside expands, but it’s growing from the inside out. The CEOs realize that if they were to focus more on their employees and the inside, then their numbers and image would be much more positive.

If you’re a business owner, then you need to be on my free monthly calls, with the next one on February 24th at 8:30 PM. We only have slots for 100 people, so register early at:

When it comes to your personal life, the same concept could be adopted, so you do not have to be a business owner to become an undercover boss in your life. Are you someone who cares about what people think about you on the outside? If so, then most likely you have never truly been authentic or ever been yourself. That’s reality!

When I was younger, I was definitely guilty of this, and I would do things that I thought were “cool” or say things I thought people wanted to hear. While doing this, I kept the truth of my philosophies and hid who I was as a person because I cared about what people thought.

I would go out with friends and have multiple drinks because I was nervous they would think I was not “cool” if I only had one. At this point in my life, I became passionate about healthy living, but what would people think if I drank water or if I only had one drink? Would they still want to hang out with me, or am I not being fun because I am not drinking a lot?

In 2008, I remember taking inventory of my life and looking at the people in it – the conversations I had, the places I hung out, the things I posted on social media, and how I treated others – and I realized how inauthentic I was being. I was so focused on my outer image that I never spent the time to get to know ME and work on myself to be a better version and live an awesome life.

Since then, I spend a lot of time focusing on myself and thinking of ways I can be a better person for this world, not so much from the outside but more on the inside. Recently, I have been following Robin Sharma, who has become a mentor to me in showing me strategies and tips to work on myself. In fact, a group of friends and I recently went out and not only did I have only 1 drink but even left a bit early because I wanted to wake up early and run for 2 hours. Did I care what anyone thought? Absolutely not! The last thing on my mind was what anyone was thinking and what anyone cares about my 1 drink or leaving a bit early.

If you’re tired of trying to fit in and being inauthentic, then it’s time to take inventory and become an undercover boss in your own life. Look at your relationships, habits, social media, and other avenues of your life that are important and see if those avenues are only done to feel “cool” or are really you. My Personal Development webinar on February 10th will help you uncover your highest values and how to match them with your life so you can be your own undercover boss. We only have room for 100 guests, so please register ASAP at:


This equation will make your resolutions come true..

An Equation To A Successful Resolution: VALUE (S) + RESOLUTION (S) = SUCCESScore-values

As we are only a few days into the New Year, many people have begun to take on their infamous resolutions and goals. Every year, millions of people create resolutions and if we took a glance at the percentage of people that accomplished their resolutions that number would most likely be pretty low. I am not saying this to be negative but to be factual, and help you break through the barriers of getting the results you need in 2015.

If you have already created your resolutions, then great!  But, I want you to do a re-evaluation on them to see if they fit “you”. The reason why most peoples resolutions fail is because, the goals they created do not match their values as a human and there becomes a huge disconnect.  Thus, this is why 80% of the people that join a gym in January quit by February.  Also, this is why people who are single resolute to going on weekly dates, end up stopping this after a few weeks. It all comes down to values!

If you want to achieve the resolutions you created,  follow the next steps:

1)    Review the values list

2)    Pick your top 20

3)    Narrow down to 10

4)    Narrow down to 5

Now that you have this list, then look at your resolutions and see if the values parallel with those resolutions

My top 5 are: 1) Personal Health 2) Family 3) Personal Growth 4) Professionalism 5) Friendshi

For example, health is my highest value and ranks number 1 on my list. I believe that if I do not have my health, then I have nothing! The more health I have, then the more I can play with my kids, be there for my family, be a great chiropractor, and connect even stronger to my other values. Since health is my highest value, then it would make no sense for me to create other resolutions above that, because health will always win. If I create a goal of hanging out with friends every Saturday night but Sunday I have a long workout or competition, then guess what will take precedence? Most likely, I will skip hanging out with friends to get extra sleep for my workout or competition because health is higher on my values than friendship. However, friends ranks number 5 on my values list, so it is something I appreciate and am fulfilled when I hang out with friends. This is why a realistic resolution for me as far as friendship is to “have lunch with 1 friend every week”.

There are no right or wrong answers to this list as everyone is different, which is what makes this  world exciting! I know some people that put family or friendship as number 1 and health is not even on their list. This list is personal, so do it based on what you think is right and not what anyone else will think about your list.

This year my top resolution is to have 1 social encounter with a friend each week. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks but getting together and incorporating more friendship will be very important to me in creating an amazing 2015. Also, since my highest value is health, then usually when I workout I always invite a friend to either run or bike with me so I can fulfill 2 values at the same time.

If health is not on your values list and you want to workout by yourself 5 days a week, and eat paleo, then usually that is a failure waiting to happen. However, if family is your number 1 priority, then how can you incorporate family to exercising or eating better?

This post could be confusing for someone who may not understand incorporating values and resolutions, and if so, then please post your comments below. My goal is that everyone who follows this blog will achieve their resolutions on December 31, 2015.


question mark

Answer this question and 2015 will be AMAZING

If it was December 31, 2015, what would have had to happen, in order for it to have been your best year ever?question mark

This time of the year is usually when  such a remarkable question  circles around my brain, and I begin to get crystal clear on where in my life I need to focus. First, I do

start with this kind of question  when planning  for the year and from that question, I then work backwards.

Most people are often not crystal clear and also, they do not know exactly what needs to happen in order for their year to be such an amazing one!  Thus, this is why I created this blog. In fact, once you answer the question and know what would need to happen, then use this blog post as a support:

For example, if I would like to attract 120 new clients to my office in 2015, so it could be an amazing year, then what will I do to get those clients? I need to set a feasible goal to get roughly 10 new clients in a month and also, I need to equally think of how they will show up. Will I run a referral program in the summer? Will I sponsor a race in the spring? Will I host a dinner in the fall? I now begin to split the year out in a monthly fashion, based on my end of year goal. Grab the At-A-Glance calendar and begin writing!

Here is another example, if by December 31, 2015 I complete an Ironman in under 11 hours, then that would be an amazing year! I would hire a coach to do all my daily programming, which will help me to become efficient and have 10252156_10100986560651554_1230839210525654339_nsomeone to hold me accountable. I would register for mini-triathlons in between my race and now, to help me stay on track. I am going to do yoga at least once in a week to keep my muscles stretched and relaxed. Hmmm! I took the big goal and chunked it down to make it more attainable.  Yes! Something I will not give up on.

Those are examples for ‘professional’and ‘personal’goals but don’t forget to create ‘play’, ‘prosperity’, and ‘people’goals.

One of my favorite quotes my mentor ever said was; “how you do anything in life, is how you do everything in life.”He said, those who commit to their goals are committed in all areas of their life and show up in this world, with integrity and discipline. When I had a long week and all I want to do is rest on my couch, that quote goes through my head and motivates me to get up,  go for a run, bike, or swim. I find the people who are late, never return calls or messages, miss appointments, play victim, and are indecisive; tend to have a more difficult time with this exercise and following through. If you REALLY want to make a change, and desire to have an explosive year, then follow through with the steps and I can almost  guarantee that your 2015 will be more successful  than 2014.

I would be excited to hear from you all in the comments section. What would have to happen by December 31, 2015 for it to be an amazing year for you?


How to get your family protected in case something happens

If something unfortunately tragic happened to you or your significant other, what would happen then? 

If you handled all the finances and accounts for the household, who would your surviving relatives call and what would they do. Do they even know all of the accounts you have open and who to contact for access?keep-calm-and-protect-family

A couple of years ago, my wife asked me a very solid question that made me think. She said, “If something were to happen to you, I would not know who to call or what would happen for me to get access to any of your accounts. I don’t even think I know all the accounts you have.”

When she said this, it made me think, if G-d forbid, something were to happen to me, then the last thing I would want to happen to her is to stress about figuring out our accounts, my business, and everything else. 

I decided to create a document that, if something happened to me, then she could take this document and give it to my brother so he could execute it. The document has every account, my social, account user names, account passwords, and who to contact. The document was set up so that, in the unfortunate situation of me passing, then the stress of her dealing with anything business or financial related will be stress free. 

I printed 2 copies of this document, and I even have it on a USB flash drive, which I update at the end of every year with new accounts, new passwords, etc. I don’t keep any of these documents in my house, and the drive is stored at a bank so if our house were to burn down today, then I would still have access to this drive and the documents. 

Here is an example of what the document looks like so you can create your own so your family would be protected in the case of an emergency. 



Business – If something were to happen to me, please contact XXXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX and tell him the situation. He knows I would only want the best of the best chiropractor to buy the practice so my patients can continue their care knowing the best person is coming in. He will help with a price for the practice and take care of the rest. 

Also, please contact our lawyer XXXXXX at 123-456-7890 to execute the Power of Attorney. If you cannot reach this attorney then call XXXX at 123-456-7890

Financial Accounts – 

Call our accountant XXXX XXX at 123-456-7890 and let him know the situation. Tell him you are getting access to all of my accounts and updating the banks about my passing.

Personal Checking – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Personal Savings – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Business Checking – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Business Savings – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX


Name –
Contact –
Business 401K – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
SEP IRA – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
JOINT STOCKS – 1234456789 – Amount as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX

Mortgage – – 1234456789 – Amount due as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX
Auto – – 1234456789 – Amount remaining as of 12/31/2014 = $XXX

Company –
Name –
Contact –
Whole Life Insurance – Policy #123456789 – Death Benefit = $
Term Insurance – Policy #123456789 – Death Benefit = $
Auto Insurance – Policy #123456789
Home – Policy #123456789
Disability – Policy #123456789

Cohen Personal – CC# – 1234-56789-1222
Austin Business –  CC# – 1234-56789-1222
Shira Business –  CC# – 1234-56789-1222


How to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

It seems like yesterday when my family flew into town to hold up signs on Peachtree Road and place “Now Open” flyers on every car in Buckhead. 

It has been exactly five years since Corrective Chiropractic, formerly called Cohen Chiropractic Centre, opened its doors to the City of Atlanta, and the response and openness of the community to welcome me has been endearing and truly humbling.

Over the past 5 years, I have learned thousands of lessons both professionally and personally, and I wanted to share the biggest lesson, which has made a huge impact on my life. NOwOpen

When I first opened in 2009, I would grow to a certain level in my practice and in my personal life and would always find myself hitting plateaus. Whether it was the number of patients in the office, my relationship with my wife, my level of fitness, or any other category, I never could grow past a certain level. 

The #1 thing I learned about what was holding me back and the lesson I learned was the idea of “limiting beliefs.” I found that people who are ultra-successful in all areas of their life have fewer limiting beliefs and are constantly creating empowering beliefs. People who are struggling in their life, both professionally and personally, tend to have a lot of limiting beliefs. 

One of my biggest limiting beliefs was my belief that I could not put massive energy into my business and create success while also putting energy into my marriage and creating an amazing relationship. I felt that when one was going very well then the other would take a backseat. There would be months where my business was doing amazing and I was lacking on date nights and spending no time with my wife, and the months when my relationship was doing amazing, then my business would not be doing as well. 

What I had to do was to reference and find time or see the possibility that I could have an amazing relationship while my business was doing well. I had to squash the limiting belief to know that what I wanted was possible and to understand that it was not happening in my life because I was holding myself back. 

Since October 20, 2009, I have created hoards of limiting beliefs on different subjects, and to this day, I still have some. My focus now is on catching myself saying them and then creating enough empowerment to squash them. 

Find out what your limiting beliefs are, and begin keeping tabs on them and finding ways to reference when they were not true, and create empowerment. This concept is definitely challenging at first, but it is one that can keep moving your life up and past all the plateaus and limitations you set for yourself. 

If you would like some help with your limiting beliefs or are confused whether you have any, then please comment below so we can help you take your life to new heights. 


Are you prepping for the next year or are you behind?

If you are reading this post and have not yet written your goals for 2015 then you are behind schedule. One of my favorite days of the year is July 1st as I am usually in some foreign country analyzing how I performed during the first 6 months of the year and if I am hitting my goals or not. The next best day is October 1st because this is where I create the goals for the upcoming year. 

The way my timeline works is:

* October 1 – Set goals for next year
* January 1 -Review goals for past year
* July 1 – 6 month review for goals

The reason I put my goals down from pen to paper within 90 days, is that it gives my subconscious time to process and create more clarity. I notice that when I create the goals for the following year 90 days beforehand, I begin to see it more clearly by January 1st. 

Every October I create a travel goal for where I want to go over the Summer to take time away with my wife. I notice that once I pick the place by October, then throughout the next 3 months I begin hearing people talk about the place giving me ideas, which makes it easier for this goal to come to fruition. 

When I create the goal for business I begin seeing more clues on those successes making it easier for me to accomplish this. For example, this year I had a goal to hire an associate for my office. I created the goal on October 1, 2013 and in late November 2013, I had a student reach out to me that wanted to intern in my office. I hired this intern between January – March 2014 and by April 2014, she was hired to work as a full time chiropractor and her dream has come true. 

Once the goal are put from pen to paper then let the powers be take control and watch your goals begin to flourish.  

Now that you know when to set the goals, the next step is how to lay them out. I take 5 categories and break everything down into those 5 categories; usually placing between 2 – 3 goals under each topic. The 5 topics including some ideas:

1) Professional 

* How many clients do you want?
* What will your business look like? Will you renovate? Will you relocate? Will you expand?
* Do you want to hire more staff?
* Do you want to attend any seminars?
* Do you want to change careers?

2) Prosperity

* How much do you want to make?
* Do you want to buy a car? Want to buy a house?
* How much do you want to save?
* Do you want a nicer watch? How about a nicer wardrobe?

3) People

* Do you want more friends in your inner circle?
* Do you want a new mentor?
* Do you need a new crowd to hang out with?
* Do you want a new relationship with a significant other?

4) Play

* Do you want to travel?
* Do you want to do a crazy excursion? Want to go skydiving?
* Do you want a personal development retreat?

5) Personal

* Do you want to lose weight? Want to gain weight?
* Would you like to do a marathon? Perhaps a triathlon?
* Would you like to get pregnant? Adopt?

These are ideas for you so you can learn what to write out to give you a head-start as to what some current clients mention as goals they would like to achieve. Some I agree with and some I don’t, BUT these are their goals and not mine. 

When you write out your goals, do not worry about what others will think about them because they are yours and not theirs. Sometimes we become limited in our thinking because of external beliefs, but I want you to realize that nobody has control over you and you create the life YOU want to live. 

Here is the map to an abundant life, now go create it!


2 Tests You Must Give to Your Employees

When we go through the hiring process in our office there are certain traits, characteristics, and behaviors I am looking for in people. I could care less about where they went to college, their GPA, or the kind of experience they have had in the past. When I hire, I am hiring a personality that works hard and is open to change and can adapt. 

Once we have found the right person, I immediately send them two questionnaires that become the game-changer in our relationship and how I interact with them. 

First, we send them the 5 Love Languages test that tells me how to reward them and take care of them. The five love languages are: 1) Physical touch 2) Words of affirmation 3) Receiving gifts 4) Acts of service 5) Quality time. 

If I know that words of affirmation are one of my employees’ languages, then I need to be sure I am constantly reaffirming to them my positive feelings about how they are doing and how great they make the practice.  

If their love language is receiving gifts, then every so often I need to surprise them with something special. For example, in previous months I IMG_2545noticed outstanding work from my employee, and I knew she loved massages. I bought her a one-hour massage as a thank-you for her hard work, and her willingness to work harder grew. Some of the other gifts I have purchased for my employees include pedicures and manicures, car detailing, restaurant gift cards, and other things they find valuable.

If their love language is physical touch, then tapping them on the shoulder and giving them a word of affirmation or a hug for their awesomeness can go a long way. If the love language is acts of service, then I will share with them how well they are doing serving others, or I will have them take over the community service side of the practice. For example, my current employee who values service started a day in the month called $5 Saturday, where our practice donates $5 from each adjustment to a charity. 

Finally, if their love language is quality time, then I take them out to lunch or dinner on a random day. If they are in a relationship, then giving them an extra paid day off to hang out with their significant other is important. 

Have your employees fill out the test and be sure to pay attention to their responses, as having a healthy and supportive team makes work feel much more stress-free.


The second questionnaire I have them fill out is to discover their Enneagram. Everyone has a number, and no number is good nor bad, but it helps to figure out if you are being a healthy version of yourself or if you are acting in a unhealthy way. There are a total of nine numbers, each correlating with a character.

For example, my number is a 3, which is known as the Achiever. I am healthy when I am acting as a 6, known as the Loyalist, and am unhealthy when I act like the Peacemaker, number 9. On the website you can see all the numbers, and when you move to the left this is the healthy version, and when you move to the right, this is the unhealthy version. As a 3 my biggest fear is to feel worthless and my biggest desire is to feel valuable and worthwhile. I am in a state of unhealthy when I become jealous of others, when I’m unhappy for other people’s success, and when I’m wanting to impress others with superiority. If I had an employer who knew my number, then they would know exactly how to communicate with me as they would want to make me feel worthwhile and never let me get to a state of feeling worthless. 

By knowing this number for my employees, it helps me balance them out with working with their co-workers, as well as my communication with them. My goal is to always make sure I talk to them and guide them towards moving to a healthier version of themselves. 

This test is more complex but can have the most impact if you understand all 9 numbers and how they work with the others. A great book is “Wisdom of the Enneagram”by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson; it’ll help you to gain more insight into this next level. 

Here is the online test for your employees to take: