In less than five years into his chiropractic practice, Dr. Cohen had already built the largest chiropractic clinic inside Atlanta. He has done this through not only his unique chiropractic technique, but also his through skill in communication, developing systems, and creating an extraordinary customer service experience. Dr. Cohen has coached dozens of new and old chiropractors and currently has a success rate of over 80%.

In 2014, Dr. Cohen decided to take on a select few clients to coach in business. Currently, he only works with chiropractic practices or Crossfit gyms. Dr. Cohen has been involved with Crossfit for 5 years and has done business coaching for different gyms in Atlanta. Each gym has grown since working with Dr. Cohen, as one of his big focuses in Crossfit is retention.

Dr. Cohen’s program is non-contractual and services are either month-to-month or a-la-carte.

For information on helping to take your business to the next level, contact Dr. Cohen at