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Dr. Cohen Workout – 08/20/2014

Started off the night with a quick 7 mile run and did a brick by completing a 5K route. Only 10 more weeks until Ironman Florida so the training volume will increase the next 5-7 weeks.  The picture attached is one of my favorite sites while running and biking through Brookhaven, which is Capital City […]

What Bears Know That Humans Don’t

Humans are out of tune with this BUT bears are very in tune with this The other day I was on a flight back from Los Angeles to Atlanta and fortunately they put us on the 777. I love this plane because not only is it massive but they offer complimentary movies. Usually when i […]

She Walks EVERYDAY BUT Never Loses Weight

As I am training for my Ironman right now, I have been biking and running every free second I have. I usually bike or run through the neighborhoods behind my house, where it is very common to always see someone around either running, biking, or walking. Usually, I tend to see familiar faces now that […]