Assembling Your All-Star Team for Life Dominance

Every day I get random e-mails, Facebook messages, and texts asking about things I do in my life to make it successful. People want to know how I created such great business success as well as personal success at such a young age while making it look easy. 

Each week I do roughly 4 hours of consultations with people in business, and every week the response to these questions tends to be the same. 

Becoming successful comes down to having an all-star team of people around you who take ownership of your vision. 

The Birth of My Daughter:

When my wife gave birth to our daughter, Harlow, the all-star team of Anjili (the midwife) and Shari (the doula) knew exactly what our goals were for the birth. They knew we wanted no medical intervention and wanted to treat the pregnancy and birth as the natural process it is, not a medical procedure. Anjili and Shari both became part of our vision and helped us to have such an amazing an easy birthing experience. If you want to read more about our birthing experience, I posted about it here –


Every morning when I show up to work, there are 3 people who are always there and have each been there for over a year. Jessica, Savy, and Shalonda are my 3 employees and are some of the best people in the world, with hearts full of love and service. When they came in for their interviews, they knew exactly what the vision of the practice was and bought into it. They would do anything for any patient and know the level of customer service I expect them to deliver. They show up early and don’t leave the minute we close BUT leave the minute we finish. The only reason my practice runs as efficiently as it does and is as successful as it is, is because of them. Staf

A teammate I think everyone needs that most are lacking is a business mentor. I have had the same business coach for 6 years, Rick Markson, and it has been the greatest investment I have ever made, as the returns have been exponential. I see too many people avoid hiring a business coach because of the cost, but if you gave me $1 and I could gave you $100 in return, wouldn’t you give me that $1? Of course! The investment isn’t huge, and you would be making 100x what you gave me. Hiring a business coach should be the same thing for you, and fortunately, my business coach is my life coach. 


One area of my life I pay a lot of attention to is our financial infrastructure, such as 401Ks, IRAs, investments, stocks, and all the bank accounts we have. It would be impossible for me to manage all of this myself and keep tabs on everything, which is why my all-star team of Kevin (accountant), Ashley (financial planner), and Scott (life insurance agent) take care of this aspect of my life. I look at categories in my life and say, “Is there someone that could be doing this better than me?” Once I ask this, then I find the best person for that position who understands my vision and goals and then bring them on the team. 


My health is my wealth, and to me, this is my greatest asset and a category I pay extremely close attention to. I have many players in this category that I use on a regular basis and not because I am sick or have problems BUT because I want to avoid being sick and having problems. 

My goal is to be drug-free the rest of my life without any surgeries or medical interventions, and the more players I have in this category, the higher my chances.

I have an awesome chiropractor I see every Saturday at 12:15 PM to repair my body after a long week of working out and adjusting lots of people. My massage therapist takes care of those tense muscles twice a month to break up any tight tissues. I utilize Edesia Meals on a weekly basis and order pre-made paleo food for my family to make it easy to have healthy food on the go. When I did Crossfit training, I had a coach who did my programming and put together specific workouts based on my goals, and currently, I have an Ironman coach, Bethany Rutledge, who has been helping me dominate Ironman Chattanooga 2015. Jessica Elizondo with @more_than_food is my nutrition advisor and gives me the right foods I need when I need them.  

For those that are thinking right now, “I could never afford all these people” or “I don’t have time for all of these people”, there are strategies and ways to bring these people on board low cost or at no expense. 

When your “why” becomes big enough to live an extraordinary life that makes an impact, then you will find the resources for coaches and team players, and you will find the time to make it happen. Your “why” will become so big that instead of recreating the wheel, you will want to stand on the shoulders of giants and build more success both professionally and personally. 

I would love to know what kind of players you have on your Life Team and in what categories, as the ideas we share help us all grow. 

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