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Are you tapping into 100% of your athletic potential? (Exercise @ end)

If there’s one thing my practice is known for, it’s the fact that we see a lot of professional athletes on a regular basis. Most of the athletes do not come to my office because they are hurt or injured, but because they want to perform better at a more elite level. 

On their first visit we go through a thorough assessment which includes a 3D image of the bottom of their foot to check arch height, x-rays to look at structure, and a postural assessment to look for any abnormalities. 

Almost every time one of these athletes comes to the office and it is their first time seeing a chiropractor, we find abnormalities. We usually find one shoulder higher than another, sometimes we see a difference in hip height, and commonly we see disc spaces that have been worn. Is this the norm? Absolutely not! It is common amongst people who wreck their bodies on a daily basis, but not normal, as the norm is completely straight up and down on the front view of posture. 

Usually the reason for these problems is because many of these athletes have been trained ONLY to seek help when there is a symptom, and therefore not focus on the underlying problem. Many of them have seen massage therapists, physical therapists, and even chiropractors for the same injuries repeatedly. These providers are experts at treating injuries, but none do thorough evaluations to look at the biomechanics and structure to focus on fixing this first. 

On x-rays, we see athletes with hips that are 10mm higher and shoulders that are 5mm higher than what’s normal, which are both high numbers. On the side view of their posture we see ears that are inches forward on the side view from their shoulders. Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.40.24 PM

The point is, if these athletes can perform at a professional level with these biomechanics and this structure, then what potential are they holding out on by not getting fixed? I always tell them, “John, if you can perform at this level with all these structural issues then imagine your potential if we fix these.”

How much better could they perform if they fixed many of the underlying structural issues?

If we take the topic away from chiropractic, think about the things YOU could be doing to improve in order to reach your unlimited potential. 

None of us are tapping in to our potential 100%, but the trick to becoming great or elite is figuring out what things you could be doing to get as close to 100% as possible. 

The first step I recommend people take is to write out a list of the things they do to be a great athlete. I then ask them to write the things they could do to become even greater. The fact is that this will not be an overnight process and I understand many of you don’t want to be professional athletes. However, most of you are looking to improve your athletic skills and become as great of an athlete as possible. 

Below is an example of what is recommended above on reaching your true potential as an athlete. I would have this on your phone or index card and keep adding to this list as you improve as an athlete and see what other athletes you admire are doing. 

NOW                                                              GOALS TO ADD

Foam roll daily                                                  Take BCAA’s

Eat 60% paleo                                                   Massage 2x per month

Workout 4 days per week                                Regular chiropractic

Massages 1x month                                           80% paleo

Take fish oil daily                                              Post-workout powder

Take 1 Epsom bath per week                           Take class on foam rolling and lacrosse ball

                                                                               Incorporate acupuncture

                                                                               Sleep with compression socks nightly

                                                                               Take 3 Epsom salt baths per week 

                                                                               Hire individual programmer for workouts

                                                                               Drink Natural Calm – Magnesium before bed 

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  1. Megan Rafferty
    Megan Rafferty says:

    Hi Dr. Cohen from an old college friend of yours from Rhoades Hall at VCU. Your blog is awesome and super informative. I was wondering if there was a specific kind of BCAA and fish oil brand and dosage you recommend. Your post about the Himalayan Salt and adding it to water really helped keep me hydrated. Thanks for all the info!

    Megan Rafferty

    • Dr. Austin Cohen
      Dr. Austin Cohen says:

      Awww thanks Megan!

      * Poliquin – BCAA
      * Nordic Naturals – Fish Oil

      Thanks Megan and check out Base Salts as they have a great company for adding salt.


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