Are you prepping for the next year or are you behind?

If you are reading this post and have not yet written your goals for 2015 then you are behind schedule. One of my favorite days of the year is July 1st as I am usually in some foreign country analyzing how I performed during the first 6 months of the year and if I am hitting my goals or not. The next best day is October 1st because this is where I create the goals for the upcoming year. 

The way my timeline works is:

* October 1 – Set goals for next year
* January 1 -Review goals for past year
* July 1 – 6 month review for goals

The reason I put my goals down from pen to paper within 90 days, is that it gives my subconscious time to process and create more clarity. I notice that when I create the goals for the following year 90 days beforehand, I begin to see it more clearly by January 1st. 

Every October I create a travel goal for where I want to go over the Summer to take time away with my wife. I notice that once I pick the place by October, then throughout the next 3 months I begin hearing people talk about the place giving me ideas, which makes it easier for this goal to come to fruition. 

When I create the goal for business I begin seeing more clues on those successes making it easier for me to accomplish this. For example, this year I had a goal to hire an associate for my office. I created the goal on October 1, 2013 and in late November 2013, I had a student reach out to me that wanted to intern in my office. I hired this intern between January – March 2014 and by April 2014, she was hired to work as a full time chiropractor and her dream has come true. 

Once the goal are put from pen to paper then let the powers be take control and watch your goals begin to flourish.  

Now that you know when to set the goals, the next step is how to lay them out. I take 5 categories and break everything down into those 5 categories; usually placing between 2 – 3 goals under each topic. The 5 topics including some ideas:

1) Professional 

* How many clients do you want?
* What will your business look like? Will you renovate? Will you relocate? Will you expand?
* Do you want to hire more staff?
* Do you want to attend any seminars?
* Do you want to change careers?

2) Prosperity

* How much do you want to make?
* Do you want to buy a car? Want to buy a house?
* How much do you want to save?
* Do you want a nicer watch? How about a nicer wardrobe?

3) People

* Do you want more friends in your inner circle?
* Do you want a new mentor?
* Do you need a new crowd to hang out with?
* Do you want a new relationship with a significant other?

4) Play

* Do you want to travel?
* Do you want to do a crazy excursion? Want to go skydiving?
* Do you want a personal development retreat?

5) Personal

* Do you want to lose weight? Want to gain weight?
* Would you like to do a marathon? Perhaps a triathlon?
* Would you like to get pregnant? Adopt?

These are ideas for you so you can learn what to write out to give you a head-start as to what some current clients mention as goals they would like to achieve. Some I agree with and some I don’t, BUT these are their goals and not mine. 

When you write out your goals, do not worry about what others will think about them because they are yours and not theirs. Sometimes we become limited in our thinking because of external beliefs, but I want you to realize that nobody has control over you and you create the life YOU want to live. 

Here is the map to an abundant life, now go create it!

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