I Screenshot 20+ CrossFit Games Athletes InstaGram Accounts – Not Surprised!

Over the past 2 weekends, I have been watching the CrossFit Regionals to see who will punch their tickets to Carson, California, and compete in the CrossFit Games. While watching the Regionals online, I have also been checking out the Instagram accounts of these top athletes and their excitement leading up to the competition. 

The most common topic amongst all these great athletes is – RECOVERY. 

I have written and posted (Instagram = draustincohen) about this in so many past posts, as well as discussing my favorite foods and lotions for recovery. If you missed any of those, then in the “Search Box” type in “recovery” to see past posts. 

There are 6 CrossFit athletes I treat, and each of them takes their recovery just as seriously as their training. The protocols each day are recover, train, recover, train, etc. 

While at the Atlantic Regionals, many people stopped and asked me what I think it takes to get to the next level in your athletic performance, and my answer was: “Individualized programming as well as a recovery team.” 

A RECOVERY TEAM means a group of people you see to take care of your body not only when you’re hurt but also to prevent injury.  Whether it’s chiropractors, PTs, or massage therapists, having an all-star team is crucial to being the best of the best. This also includes having a system of soaking in Epsom baths, taking magnesium supplements, eating tons of BCAAs post-workout, and the list goes on of what you need to do to recover. Whether you do CrossFit or not, the people who tend to be the healthiest are the people who utilize massive amounts of recovery. 

There is so much in the realm of recovery and so much to write about, which will all be in my book Eliteness coming out in 2016. The top things that I think are most important are: 

* Healthcare Team – Chiropractor, PT, acupuncturist, and massage therapist

* Homecare Recovery – Epsom salt baths and taking the right supplements

* Specific Mobility – Psoas, TFL, hamstrings, and rectus femoris muscles

* Strengthening – Rhomboids and SHOULDERS (before kipping)

* Nutrition – Knowing when to eat certain foods and what to eat post-workout 

I have a big speaking tour beginning June 6th, so if your gym or facility is interested in “3 Strategies to Becoming Elite,” then e-mail

Instead of writing more on this topic, I decided to show you over 20 Instagram accounts of some of the fittest people on the planet and what they use.

IMG_0024 IMG_0001 IMG_0014 IMG_0013 IMG_0012 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0009 IMG_0007 IMG_0006 IMG_0005 IMG_0004 IMG_0003 IMG_0002 IMG_0020 IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0017 IMG_0023 IMG_0021





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