A Huge Myth With the Paleo Diet (Eating a lot of meat)

The paleo diet, aka “caveman diet,”has been my staple and lifestyle for the past 5 years. This way of eating is becoming increasingly popular as people get great results with this way of eating and decreased amount of inflammation, but as the popularity increases, so do the hypocrites. 

Constantly, people tell me they do not want to go paleo because of how much meat it involves. That’s a false belief. You could be a vegan or vegetarian and still eat paleo. As long as you are not eating any grains, dairy, legumes, or refined sugars, then you are considered to be eating the caveman diet. 

In fact, I bet the hunters and gatherers back in the day were not able to find meat for every single meal. Meat may have been a delicacy o them and something they only ate a couple times a week. 

For those considering a paleo diet, which I highly recommend, but who are concerned about eating too much meat, only eat it once a week to start. There is no paleo rulebook that explicitly says how much meat one has to eat in order to follow this way of eating. 

I use this way of eating as my baseline but still use whey protein as my source of protein powder and occasionally will buy raw cheese for the house. The issues for me come when I eat processed food or food with chemicals, as my body tries to reject it and gives me stomach pains. 

As stated earlier, the keys to eating paleo are: 

* Eating no grains,
* Staying away from ALL refined sugars,
* Removing legumes,
* Avoiding dairy.

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