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Answer this question and 2015 will be AMAZING

If it was December 31, 2015, what would have had to happen, in order for it to have been your best year ever?question mark

This time of the year is usually when  such a remarkable question  circles around my brain, and I begin to get crystal clear on where in my life I need to focus. First, I do

start with this kind of question  when planning  for the year and from that question, I then work backwards.

Most people are often not crystal clear and also, they do not know exactly what needs to happen in order for their year to be such an amazing one!  Thus, this is why I created this blog. In fact, once you answer the question and know what would need to happen, then use this blog post as a support:

For example, if I would like to attract 120 new clients to my office in 2015, so it could be an amazing year, then what will I do to get those clients? I need to set a feasible goal to get roughly 10 new clients in a month and also, I need to equally think of how they will show up. Will I run a referral program in the summer? Will I sponsor a race in the spring? Will I host a dinner in the fall? I now begin to split the year out in a monthly fashion, based on my end of year goal. Grab the At-A-Glance calendar and begin writing!

Here is another example, if by December 31, 2015 I complete an Ironman in under 11 hours, then that would be an amazing year! I would hire a coach to do all my daily programming, which will help me to become efficient and have 10252156_10100986560651554_1230839210525654339_nsomeone to hold me accountable. I would register for mini-triathlons in between my race and now, to help me stay on track. I am going to do yoga at least once in a week to keep my muscles stretched and relaxed. Hmmm! I took the big goal and chunked it down to make it more attainable.  Yes! Something I will not give up on.

Those are examples for ‘professional’and ‘personal’goals but don’t forget to create ‘play’, ‘prosperity’, and ‘people’goals.

One of my favorite quotes my mentor ever said was; “how you do anything in life, is how you do everything in life.”He said, those who commit to their goals are committed in all areas of their life and show up in this world, with integrity and discipline. When I had a long week and all I want to do is rest on my couch, that quote goes through my head and motivates me to get up,  go for a run, bike, or swim. I find the people who are late, never return calls or messages, miss appointments, play victim, and are indecisive; tend to have a more difficult time with this exercise and following through. If you REALLY want to make a change, and desire to have an explosive year, then follow through with the steps and I can almost  guarantee that your 2015 will be more successful  than 2014.

I would be excited to hear from you all in the comments section. What would have to happen by December 31, 2015 for it to be an amazing year for you?

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