3 Snacks Every Athlete Should Have in the Kitchen

A common question I receive at every seminar I do and also on my Instagram account (@draustincohen) is, what snacks would you recommend?

Therefore, I will share with you my top 3 snacks, as these are staples in my diet and work on different goals for my daily living.

1) Bulletproof® Collagen Bars – (BREAKFAST SNACK)

This is my go-to breakfast snack that I eat first thing in the morning before I have my main meal.  This snack contains cashews, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and Bulletproof’s®proprietary blend of Brain & XCT oil. 

For those looking to get their brain in full gear and started for the day, these bars will be a game changer. They also taste extremely good on top of all the healthy benefits they provide.

2) Organic Pickles – (POST-WORKOUT SNACK)IMG_1977

Every athlete that works out to a high degree should add this and make it a staple in their diet. When I spend an hour knocking out some intense CrossFit workout or 4 hours hammering out a long bike ride, my body becomes deficient in sodium. 

Eating a pickle post-workout has been an important part of my nutrition recovery and kept my sodium-potassium pump in balance so I don’t become dehydrated. 

3) Trail Mix – (DAILY SNACK)

This is one that is easy to make and can keep your body’s hormone balance in check, as it will never leave you hungry. I eat this throughout the whole day, and when you get bored it is something that you can simply change up the contents,. I change up my contents pretty regularly, but for now here it is:

* Raw Almonds
* Raw Pumpkin Seeds
* Raw Sunflower Seeds
* Shredded Coconut
* Fair Trade Chocolate Chips
* Raw Walnuts

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