15.3 Crossfit Open Strategies and Tips

This morning (3/13/2015) I did 15.3 so I could get an idea for certain tips and strategies you can implement into the third Open workout.

Castro threw a curveball putting muscle ups first, which I would love to hear your opinion in the comments, good or bad business decision?



2) Shoulders should be mobile with both internal and external rotation. Wrap the band on the pull-up and put the arm through rotating the arm from the shoulder joint. Check your mobility before you start loosening up your shoulders then recheck to make sure they move even more post warm-up. 

3) Stretch out the calf muscles! You will want these loosened up during double unders and wall balls especially for the quantity of reps you will be performing. 

4) Roll the bottom of your foot on a lacrosse ball. 

Little Extras to Win

1) Break up the muscle ups from the beginning. If Lauren Brooks broke them up in the 1st round, then none of you should go unbroken. I did 2 – 2 – 2- 1 then I did singles on the next 2 rounds. 

2) Break up the wallballs. I did 25 – 25 then 15 – 15 – 10 – 10 – 10. The last thing you want is to go hard during these then lose your breath and have to perform 100 double unders. 

3) Break up the double unders. If you feel your forearms or shoulders burning then that is your clue to stop and take a 5 second. Remember, this is a 14-minute workout so there is plenty of time.

4) Do this next to someone better than you so it pushes you to get more reps. 

5) Have a cup of water next to you to get a swig after each round.

6) Remember  to not lose your breath as this is a longer workout.

7) The money is in the double unders so if you have 30 seconds left and only 5 wallballs to go then bust your ass to finish those wallballs and get on the double unders. Also, every rep on the muscle ups will be a difference maker and can move you up hundreds on the leaderboard.

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