15.2 Crossfit Open Strategies and Tips

Hope everyone is excited about 15.2 and I have some strategies that can be very beneficial.

For those that watched Emily and Michele go head to head they utilized a lot of these tips.

Also, if you haven’t watched my webinar with Emily Bridgers then you should watch this first before reading ahead.

Link to Webinar – http://draustincohen.com/3-strategies-to-dominate-open/


For 15.2, I ate a medium size meal with good carbs (quinoa) and chicken around 6:00 PM the night before. The morning of I ate a banana or some sugar fruit around 7:00 AM and this will be my final meal. My goal is to not feel heavy during this workout and be as light as I can for the amount of C2B pull-ups that will be happening.

* During the workout our body will be burning sugar off so it will be good to have some sugary drink after each round on your rests. My plan is Amy and Brian’s Coconut Water unless I find a good sports drink not loaded with artificial crap. You could see Emily drink some of her drink between rounds to replenish her body with sugar.

* After the workout I will load up with protein such as a grass-fed double patty. Do not think because you’re finished with 15.2 you can go get pizza or some other toxic dish as this will completely ruin the workout and not give your body proper nutrients to recover? Nope! There 3 more weeks left of the Open so make sure you are keeping your body in its A game.


* When I warmed up I focused a lot on hamstrings, shoulders, and did mostly static stretching. I also utilized  dynamic warm-up and get my blood flowing.

* Start with 5 minute run.

* Jump rope for 3 – 5 minutes

* Leg up against wall stretching hamstring – Push leg into wall for 3 seconds and relax. Repeat 7 times

* Overhead squat (45 x 5, 75 x 5, 95 x 3, 115 x 2) – I will do this to get the nervous system ready for the loading. This is the same concept as warming up precisely for any workout as you never want to shock the nervous system with high loading.

*  Use band to stretch ankle

* PVC to stretch shoulders as well as band.


 Use Oly shoes for support and to keep your balance. As you saw last night, Emily and Michele kept the OHS unbroken for the most part and broke up the C2B.

* Find your pace!!! Last night Emily and Michele broke up their pull-ups from the beginning. Determine your pace and stick to the plan. Ex: Round 1 – 5 5, Round 2 – 4 4 4 Round 3 – 5 5 4, etc

* During workout I had a pull-up bar that was 6 inches over me, which meant I had to jump an extra 6 inches to start my C2B. ROOKIE MOVE!! Whether you need  box or weights to elevate you, definitely don’t exert any more energy than you need to by jumping for the pull-ups. Once I hit the 3rd round of 14 it became tiresome jumping while I was doing sets of 3.

* There is no extra credit for getting your belly button the the bar. The movement is chest to bar so be sure to not over pull in the beginning when you are relaxed.

If you have any other recommendations or comments please post below.

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