15.1 Crossfit Open Strategies and Tips

This morning (2/27/2015) I did 15.1 so I could get an idea for certain tips and strategies you can implement into the first Open workout. If you watched last night, then you saw the beautiful pacing Froning and Frasier did which is the whole design for the 1st part of this workout.


1) Bar and rig should be close to each other so you can avoid too much walking. My bar faced the rig as seen to the right and I made sure to use the pull-up bar that was roughly 6’1. I am 5’11 so the jump was very small instead of using the pull-up bar that was 6’4. The goal is to conserve as much energy as possible. FullSizeRender

2) Keep the 35 lb plates on the end and load up from there. Most likely you will get 3 attempts so go ahead and figure those out ahead of time. Determine the goal weight, then go 50-60% on 1st attempt, 70-80% on 2nd attempt, then hit the goal weight on the 3rd attempt. 

3) Every pound matters! Whatever you set up with always put a 1 lb plate on the end of each. This gives you a small edge from those people who don’t have 1 lb weights or don’t even think about this strategy. For instance, if I was going to 185 by having 2 35 lb plates on each side, then I should add a 1 lb plate to the ends making the weight 187.


1) I made sure to eat a banana beforehand and get some light nutrition in my body. The weights are extremely light and that is exactly how I want to feel during the workout. 

2) In between part 1 and part 2, be sure to get a swig of some sports drink to get this electrolytes back in balance and give you that extra boost. Personally, I am a big fan of coconut water and mixing with a protein powder from SFH. 


1) SMASH YOUR FOREARMS. The one thing I did not do but wish I did was roll a lacrosse ball over my forearms as seen in the picture. I would have done this for 30-60 seconds on each side to get the blood flow moving through the soft tissue. 


2) Shoulders and lower back should ready to go and warmed up. Take that PVC pipe and use it to open up those shoulders and practice those movements. 

Little Extras to Win

1) I would 100% see your chiropractor within a few hours of this WOD. Get your biomechanics in line, increase nerve flow, and decrease the negative loading on joints for increased performance. 

2) This comes down to pacing. Determine ahead of time a goal pace and try to stick to it. This is only a 9 minute workout so a 1:30 pace will get you 6 rounds on the dot.

3) Visualization will be important. For those who watched my webinar with Emily Bridgers or downloaded the workbook, visualizing was one of our key strategies to dominating the 2015 Crossfit Open. On the clean and jerk, be sure to see yourself getting the lift right before you pick up the bar.

4) Wear light shoes. With the toes to bar you will not want to add any extra weight. 

5) Break up the toes to bar. First round fo 10 + 5 and either keep that or break it down to 5 – 5 – 5.

6) When transitioning from deadlift to snatch KEEP your hand on the bar. 

7) DO NOT REDO this more than once! This workout needs good recovery so be sure on the 2nd attempt you go all out because fatigue can set in especially with the L spine.

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    • Dr. Austin Cohen
      Dr. Austin Cohen says:

      Yes, if you feel like you have the time and can make it an easy transition. You are only going to get 3 lifts so it may not be fully necessary.


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